agt fighting gravity 'America's Got Talent' finals: Who is going to win?It all comes down to this, folks. The “America’s Got Talent” finals between Fighting Gravity, Michael Grimm, Prince Poppycock and Jackie Evancho. Unlike past years (since Terry Fator won), I actually really like all four remaining acts and will be happy no matter who wins.

After a needless, time-filling recap of the entire season and a commercial break, we get to the performances.

1. Prince Poppycock
“Nessum Dorma” is the call tonight, complete with a suit of armor, a giant feathered headdress and a princess suspended from the ceiling. It’s very dramatic and very cool. The vocals are just lovely, strong and soaring. Piers buzzes him! WTF, Piers?! I mean, wow. I hope that was an accidental leaning on the buzzer.

Piers says it was not a mistake and tells Poppycock that he blew it by losing his fun and channels his Simon Cowell when he calls it “self-indulgent.” Sharon is outraged that Piers would buzz him on the final and it makes me wonder if Piers is using some double-secret-probation-voodoo-reverse-psychology by buzzing him. Hmm. Well, I liked it. Either way, Prince says the entire show is “a dream come true.”

Hey, look! Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman from “Parenthood” are in the audience! I just started watching “Parenthood” Season 1 TODAY and it’s amazing. Really, I’m not lying. The acting and writing is stellar, please start watching.

2. Michael Grimm
The song for the finals is “When a Man Loves a Woman” with a bad-ass electric guitar. It’s fantastic — especially the chorus right after the bridge. It’s so raw and emotional. However, I don’t think he can win the competition, but hopefully this show will be a launching pad for Michael because I really enjoy his voice.

3. Jackie Evancho
In a pre-performance interview, Jackie talks about sacrificing things for her singing. She told us in an interview that her favorite place to sing is “on the stage. Just any stage.” She’s the cutest thing ever.

Her performance for the finals is “Ave Maria,” with backing orchestra and stained glass projections on the stage. It’s angelic. Gorgeous. Amazing. Beautiful. There just aren’t enough words. I mean, no, she’s not the best opera singer of all time or something, but she’s 10 freakin’ years old!

Before we get to Fighting Gravity, there is a medley of performances from the acts already eliminated. It’s cute and the potential for the tour is cool.

4. Fighting Gravity

The routine for the finals is centered around doors and adds extra visible men, some in red instead of white and they add a second story.. At one point, the guys on bottom go upside down. It’s really cool. There are a couple slip-ups, but it’s a really neat act.

So who is going to win? Honestly, I have no idea. All four of them did excellent jobs and even the dark hose Michael Grimm came out and nailed it. It really is anybody’s game and I’ll be happy no matter what.

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credit: NBC

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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