Piersmorgan_americasgottalent_290 Tonight on "America's Got Talent," we are back in Seattle tonight. Piers says it's "freezing cold" there. Umm… hello London? This is kettle. You're black.

Our first act is 24 year-old Chris Keg, The Lone Ranger of Rock. He is a red-headed rocker who kind of looks like a drag queen being Bret Michaels. He… sounds a little bit like when Marty McFly's hand starts to disappear and he can't play "Earth Angel." Those are the sounds coming out of Chris's guitar. He's no Tallan Noble Latz. NEXT!

Bad Montage. Hottie Silvia Brasil is an off-tune belly-dancer-person who should probably just stand still and never open her mouth. Madmat, the Indestructible Man has a sword act that just scares us all. Then there's the Shanghai Pearl, a stripping pink gorilla. Me not love you long time.

The first good act of the night is a woman who had a cleft palate fixed and still has scars and whatnot. Her name is Kari Callin and she has a beautiful alto voice. WE JUST FOUND OUR SUSAN BOYLE and she's maybe an even better story, seeing as she has previously auditioned for things and the casting folks took one look at her and said no thank you. I mean, you just can't help but love that. The lady is not a looker and it must have taken a lot of courage to get up and do this show. I agree with Sharon, total goosebump moment. She's through unanimously. Good for her.

Good Montage. Simon Chaban does fire acrobatics. Now that is a Vegas act. Keith Johnson played the guitar and sings "Walking in Memphis" and while he's good, he doesn't wow me. His blue eyes will probably help him though. Pixie Mystere is the act I've seen on commercials for weeks. They are little girl acrobats, but their outfits scare me. It's like the Munchkins from Space.

Reality is a group of best friends that sings. They aren't quite the creepy Wisconsin siblings, but they are close. It's two guys and three girls and they sing "Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat" from Guys & Dolls. It's very Big-Tent-Revival creepy and the vocals aren't even that good. Next!

The next act is Destined 2 Be, a group of five guys who dance hip-hop with a lot of awesome popping and ripples. Very cool. Have you guys ever seen a black-light dance show, where a dance crew dances in darkness with only black light so you can only see their gloves or the stripes on their pants or whathaveyou? I think this crew would be amazing with something like that. They are through unanimously.

Rashida Jolley is a singing harpist. Man, that is a rare instrument to play. Rashida plays and sings "Killing Me Softly" and she is quite good. It's so interesting to hear that song done on the harp. It adds a completely different feel to it, I like it. Her voice needs a little polish, but there's no reason she can't go through to Vegas. The judges give her mixed reviews but do send her through.

The next good act are two friends named Anthony and Matt who don't have a name for their group. Matt plays the guitar and sings while Anthony tap dances. Huh. That's… really interesting and surprisingly entertaining. The judges love it too, they are through unanimously.

Good Montage. Louis and Laura perform Argentinian Tango, it's quite sexy. David Hasselhoff may have even "rowr-d." Father and son the Kalinis perform an acrobatic act that is very cool, especially when the son balances with one hand on his father's forehead. Chris Camp The Whip Guy and wife Lauren perform a whip act that would probably fit in quite well in Las Vegas.

The last act of the night is our piano-playing-singing lovely from last year, Mia Boostrom. Oh, I liked her last year. She was so great, I'd like to see her go far this year. This year she plays "Georgia On My Mind" at the keyboard while dressed like she just came from Haight-Ashbury. Either way, she's just great. She reminds me of Norah Jones, I'm just a big fan. The judges put her through uanimously. Yay!

Before the show is over we see Mariah Carey's new video "Obsessed." Huh.

Join me here next week for even more auditions. Hopefully at some point we get to the Vegas rounds and thankfully this year we don't have the Olympics to contend with.

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