melissa villasenor charles peachock agt 'America's Got Talent': Melissa Villasenor vs. Charles Peachock for the last spotThe final quarterfinal results show for “America’s Got Talent” should prove interesting. Should Charles Peachock not advance due to the judges’ choice at the end, I shall not be recapping anymore – as I will have thrown my laptop through my TV and will have neither machine with which to recap anymore. (Update: *sigh*).

The first results group is Taylor Davis, Avery and the Calico Hearts, Frank Miles and Fatally Unique. Only Fatally Unique deserves to advance out of this group, so it’s a good thing that’s who advances! They are so happy, it brings tears to my eyes. And Piers is so kind to them, really praising how hard they have worked to improve. I will say – I’m surprised Fatally Unique was in the Top 3 vote-getters. I thought they would be in the judges’ choice for sure.

We’ll be skipping over the Howie/Piers “prank” and the Jason Derulo performance, except to say that the first song kinda sucks and the second song is done on a set that appears to be littered with crackheads. It’s a family show here at “AGT.” Oh and! The sampling of “The Banana Boat Song” is just wrong. Unless Catherine O’Hara and Jeffrey Jones are calypsoing around a dining room table, I don’t want to hear it.

Darren McMullen is on hand to pimp “Love in the Wild.” I recap that show – it’s trashtastic. Crack open a bottle of wine and join me!

The next results group is Zuma Zuma and Yellow Design Stunt Team. OK, this should be Zuma Zuma going through, so if it’s not (or if they are both cut), that would be a crime. But Zuma Zuma is through, so that’s cool.

Group three is Scott Alexander, Sam B. and Team iLuminate. Do I need to tell you who goes through?

The next thing I shall not be recapping is Maroon 5. They’re great and all, but it’s time to harvest some crops on Farmville.

The final group is Melissa Villasenor, Charles Peachock and The Kinetic King. Well, obviously the King is dead. And now the judges are going to anger me. My laptop is at the ready to fling through the TV.  I will say, her first audition was pretty great, but last night the impressions were not that good and fairly unfunny. I think Charles has been much stronger overall.

Judges’ choice time. Sharon chooses Melissa, Piers chooses Charles and Howie chooses … Melissa. Shocker.

I have not be on board with any judges’ choice since Miami All-Stars. Landon Swank and Seth Grabel both got screwed over for the Smage Bros. and Professor Splash, particularly the Splash/Seth choice. Bah.

Next week we DON’T start the semi-finals. It’s the YouTube round and then the Wild Card round, probably. Sigh.

The acts who have advanced so far are Team iLumiante, Zuma Zuma, Fatally Unique, Melissa Villasenor, POPLYFE, Lys Agnes, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., Professor Splash, Silhouettes, Steven Retchless, Daniel Joseph Baker, Smage Bros. Riding Show, Snap Boogie, Miami All-Stars, Sandou Trio Russian Bar and Anna Graceman. Should be fun.

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