sharonosbourne americasgottalent 290 'America's Got Talent' rounds out the Top 20With fifteen acts in, “America’s Got Talent” names its last five semi-finalists. There’ll be joy, tears, and maybe a little anger on my part.

Host Nick Cannon is sporting a velvet jacket and a blue ruffled button-up underneath. It’s very 60’s Sammy Davis, Jr. He introduces the recap from last night and gets the judges’ reaction from last night. Piers Morgan thinks he was lenient on the buzzes, Sharon Osbourne is prepared to be shocked by the results just in case, and David Hasselhoff wants to give the performs a “standing Hoff-vation.” He’s reaching the end of his word-play list. isn’t he?

Now, our first batch of results. Drew Stevyns and The EriAm Sisters are called forward and The Hoff and Sharon look like their going to fall of their chairs. The Sisters completely deserve to got through in my opinion…and stupid old America doesn’t agree with me. Drew is through. Really? Horrible call. But wait! After getting some gracious words from the youngest EriAm, Nick announces they’re through too. Sharon and The Hoff are on their feet. Drew asked why he did that to them and Piers called Nick mean. Sorry America, my bad. P.S. Nick says he was just doing what the results card told him to do. *Scoff*

After some behind-the-scenes filler, Nick brings African High Flyers, Pam Martin’s Top Dogs, and Coney Island Chris to center-stage. AHF are the only ones out of the bunch I’d put through but I wouldn’t be surprised if none made it. Well, it’s bad news all around – they’re all out. Coney Island Chris has glasses that squirt water as if he’s crying.

Post the popcorn lounge package and some commercials and Recycled Percussion, Matt & Anthony, and Ishaara are called out to learn their fate. Matt & Anthony are the next act to go home. Rightly so since, as Piers pointed out last night, the tapping was WAY better than the singing. Sadly, America put through Recycled Percussion and sent Ishaara packing. It’s hard to beat a tilted drumming platform and flames. The Hoff gave a lovely shout-out to the ousted dancers saying it’s not the end of the road for them. Classy and not slurred. Good times.

Reba McEntire hits the stage to sing “Consider Me Gone.” Yay Reba! I heart her. The outfit is a little weird to me though – a sparkly, sleeveless top with fringe at the bottom and pants. Was it just me or did it make her proportions look…off?

The remaining four acts – The Lollipop Girls, Mia Boostrom, Barbara Padilla, and Eric & Rickie – are finally brought forward. Only two will make it and, as it’s grouped singers on one side and dancers on the other, it looks like only one of each is making it. The Lollipop Girls are sent home first which isn’t a surprise. I refuse to believe they’re not better dancers than last night’s number showed.

Mia and Barbara are holding hands as Nick announces that Barbara is moving on to the Top 20. The Hoff and Sharon are super-stoked while Piers is pleased but contained. Ms. Padilla is extremely gracious saying it was an honor to be with the other acts and Sharon calls her perfect.

So it’s down to the judges to pick between Eric & Rickie and Mia Boostrom. Those kids are great dancers but can they do an entire Vegas Espectaculaaaarrrrrrrr? Hoff-man gives and up and downside to each before voting for Eric & Rickie. Sharon compliments them both and casts her vote for Mia. Naturally this leaves Piers as the bad guy.

Before watching the playback of the show, he’d have voted for the Pint-sized Paso Doblers but he thought Mia was more impressive than he originally thought. After some thought and a brief pause, Piers finally casts his vote for Eric & Rickie and sends Mia home. Poor thing. She’s crushed but is holding it together very well. Rickie immediately goes and gives her a big hug which she really looks like she needed.

Overall I’m fine with the results, though I think Mia is much more vocally distinctive than Drew. He chose the wrong song for his voice last night and, in my opinion, didn’t do much to make it his own. Maybe he’s better than he seemed but right now he’s gliding on his “Sound Of Music”-esque good looks. Also, I think The EriAm Sisters deserve to make it very far but they might be better served not winning. They’ll have their own album/TV deal at Nickelodeon/Disney/Cartoon Network by Christmas.

Agree with the results? Would you trade anyone out for anyone else? Now that we know who’s in, care to guess the Top 5 and/or the winner? Any other thoughts?

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Posted by:Tamara Brooks