aquanuts americas got talent 'America's Got Talent' Season 8: Aquanuts and Innovative Force stand outIt’s time for the next round of semi-finals on “America’s Got Talent,” featuring comics, danger acts, singing and more. Who stood out for you?

For us, this was a considerably weaker group than last week. Last week, we thought there were six acts that could legitimately advance. This week, we’re having trouble coming up with four.

Let’s break it down. Innovative Force and Aquanuts really stood out. They were professional, polished and put on very difficult acts without a stumble. We think those two should be shoo-ins.

The three singing acts — Ciana Pelekai, Forte and Marty Brown — all were lacking a bit for us. Forte was the strongest, but we would’ve liked to hear more harmonies and less unison singing. Ciana is a very talented vocalist, but she picked the WRONG song and it was the weakest we’ve seen from her this season. Brown, well, Brown really blew it. We know he was emotional, but that was pretty terrible.

The danger acts — Alexandr Magala and Brad Byers — won’t advance, but for very different reasons. Byers is boring. Snooze-a-rama. Magala is actually kind of a bad-ass, but his act was all over the map.

Struck Boyz
and Kid the Wiz are both very adorable and talented, but they aren’t good enough to advance either.

Angela Hoover
does good impressions, but her comedy isn’t that strong. And Tone the Chiefrocca is dumb and has no business even being in the live shows.

So, who advances? After Innovative Force and Aquanuts, we think it should be Forte (though they need to step it up) and Ciana Pelekai (though she needs to choose her songs wisely). It wouldn’t be the end of the world if Alexandr Magala got through, though. He could polish up his act and it would be very Vegas.

What do you think, “AGT” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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