scott brothers americas got talent 'America's Got Talent' semi finals: Scott Brothers and William Close stand out“America’s Got Talent” is finally down to its Top 24. It seems like this show has been on for seven months, doesn’t it? At this point, the contestants perform in two groups of 12 and only three acts advance to the finals. Not a lot of room for error.

Howard Stern’s comments, by the way, were really spot-on tonight. It’s a tough week, with only three getting to advance. And Stern was very honest with the acts, none of whom came out and blew it, which is nice to see.

The Stand-Outs

William Close — His act keeps getting bigger and bigger, which is cool. This is very Vegas.

The Scott Brothers — Not only is their dancing awesome, but the
production value is spectacular. They are so polished and so
professional. It looks like a real act in Vegas already.

Dittleman — A good mentalist/mind reader act is very Vegas. This guy isn’t exactly making the ladies swoon like David Copperfield, but he’s good at what he does. The triangle/circle thing was lame — everybody knows that trick, it’s the most common combination people think of because your mind doesn’t automatically go to something like a hexagon inside a parallelogram. But the Howard thing was cool.

Donovan and Rebecca — Their strength is incredible and the act screams Vegas. It was a little boring tonight, but beautiful.

The Good, but not Vegas

Andrew de Leon – He’s very talented, but a little boring. Definitely not a Vegas act.

Edon — It was very smart of him to do One Direction and he’s a good singer, but this isn’t Vegas at all. He is a dime a dozen on the singing competition shows out there.

Turf — This got old for us a long time ago. It’s just one guy doing the
same thing every time to different music. He’s very good at what he
does, but this is a street performance, not something you go to a
theater to see.

Joe Castillo — This is the coolest act, but it’s not something you do for a Vegas show. Also, very repetitive, as Howard points out.

Academy of Villains — This troupe is talented, but not blowing us away. They aren’t Jabbawockeez level.

The Also-Rans

Todd Oliver and Irving — This has gotten tired for us. Oliver is obviously a talented ventriloquist, but he’s not funny.

Bria Kelly — She’s cute, but boring and like Edon is a dime a dozen on shows like “Idol” and “The Voice.” Not a Vegas headliner.

Tom Cotter — He’s just not that funny for us.

What do you think, “AGT” fans? Which three do you choose?

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