smage bros americas got talent 520 'America's Got Talent': Smage Bros. vs. Landon Swank for last spotAlright. If I had my way for the second quarterfinals of “America’s Got Talent,” I’d send through Silhouettes, Steven Retchless, Landon Swank and Smage Bros. I forgot about them last night, but I think they were pretty good and so many singing acts get through. But I do think Dani Shay and Daniel Joseph Baker were not bad.

Anyway, so let’s see who advances.

The first group is The Rhinestone Ropers, Thomas John and Silhouettes. Do I even need to tell you how this one goes? Let’s be serious. The little girls going absolutely out of their minds is pretty darn cute, though.

In the Orville Lounge bit, which is usually pretty dumb, Nick Cannon is super cute with the youngest Silhouettes member, asking if it’s past her bedtime and then saying, “If y’all need help, I do a mean bunny” and he mimes a little bunny with his hand. What is it with Nick Cannon charming the pants off me this year? Fatherhood must be agreeing with him.

The “Tonight, Tonight” song by Hot Chelle Rae is the first performance. This song is pretty catchy, I’ll admit. The lead singer looks like a lost “Brady Bunch” member got a makeover from David Bowie.

The next group is Steven Retchless, Attack Dance Crew and Geechy Guy. Yes! This means Steven Retchless is through, I’m sure of it! And then he is. Oh good. Take that, Piers!

Howie condescendingly says Steven Retchless is too much for middle America. Oh shut up, Howie. That’s as bad as Piers being vaguely homophobic last night. I’m in middle America and I love Retchless. Clearly, so do lots of other people since, he probably received the second-highest vote total.

The third group is Daniel Joseph Baker, Dani Shay and Dylan Andre. I want to see either Daniel or Dani, but I fear it’ll be Dylan. And the person going through is … Daniel Joseph Baker! Aw, good for him. And you know, if Silhouettes got the most votes and Retchless was second, this little firecracker got the third-most votes. That’s awesome.

So the last group is Smage Bros., Landon Swank and Mona Lisa. Well, Mona Lisa is NOT advancing, so for the judges – will it be bikes or magic? I’m pulling for magic, I think.

But first – we have an acrobatic act called Traces where a guy spins in a giant metal ring for awhile, which is cooler than it sounds. His compatriots join him and they do tumbling tricks and pole tricks. It’s awesome. They should nab Steven Retchless when all this is over.

When we’re down to the last group, thankfully Mona Lisa is eliminated first. So the judges vote and Sharon casts her vote for Smage Bros., Piers votes for Landon and Howie makes it … Smage Bros.  Aww, really? Bummer. I’m sorry, but I just don’t find that as exciting on TV as I bet they do in the theatre.

Next week: See us back here for the third quarterfinals show.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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