summerwind skippers fiddleheads agt 'America's Got Talent': Summerwind Skippers vs. Fiddleheads for last spotSo last night we had the “America’s Got Talent” Season 6 Wild Card acts. Who do you think advances? I really am not sure, honestly. Could go several ways.

The first group of acts brought down is Shevonne, Yellow Design Stunt Team and West Springfield Dance Team. I think West Springfield should advance out of that group, but we’ll see. These are three of Sharon’s four picks, so she’ll get one at least. And then it’s – West Springfield. Cool. I’m excited to see what they do next.

Now some of the cast of “Les Miserables” is here – they’re performing in L.A. right now, so that’s why they’re there. They do “One Day More” and goodness, it is a fabulous performance, I’m all teary-eyed. Great musical.

The second group of acts is Avery and the Calico Hearts, Charles Peachock, Those Funny Little People and The Kinetic King. None of them got through, I’m sure of it. But then! The Kinetic King gets through! I’m shocked, truly. It’s not that he isn’t good, but his act is totally wrong for this show, the set-up is way too long and last night’s thing was actually pretty boring. Hmph.

The third group is Landon Swank and Seth Grabel. Landon is the one who should advance, but maybe neither of them did? Nope, Landon does. Cool.

Colbie Caillat is there to perform, that’s neat. I like her. Still – bloop bloop bloop.

The last group is J. Chris Newberg, the Summerwind Skippers and The Fiddleheads. I think Summerwind should advance out of this group. If I had to say who was going home right off the bat, I’d say Fiddleheads. But it’s J. Chris Newberg. Huh. I’m OK with that, as long as Summerwind advances.

Also, at this point – Sharon has one act through (West Springfield) and Piers has two (Landon Swank and the Kinetic King). Howie has none.

Piers votes for Summerwind (his act), Howie votes for Fiddleheads (his act) and Sharon votes for … Summerwind Skippers. Cool.

Also, I totally agree with a commenter on my recap who said the judges on this show are more about their own egos than any other reality competition show. Seriously, they are awful. They need to stop being so ridiculous.

Next week: The semifinals start. Do the Wild Cards get to wait for the second semifinals night or do some of them go next week? That’d be kinda sucky.

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