Judges_americasgottalent_290 Tonight on "America's Got Talent," the violin-playing Dahm triplets get through but Kelli Glover does not. Because the judges hate me.

UPDATE: Full list of Top 40 acts here

Last night there were some surprising eliminations. I should clarify that I incorrectly said Thia Megia was sent home when that was in fact Ciana. Sorry, there are just a lot of acts being thrown at me in these two shows.

There is another montage of the judges deliberating about various acts. It's dumb because we don't know who they are talking about.

The first act the judges talk to personally is Paradiso Dance, the husband and wife team where he's quite large and she's very tiny and she flips him around. It's really not that great and should not get through. However, they get through. Because the judges hate me.

Okay, here's my theory: it's just like "American Idol" when they pick the Top 24. They need cannon fodder so that they get the Top 10 they really want. That's why some of these acts get through at the expense of good acts. It still sucks, though. Also, is this Mariah Carey again? I know her husband hosts the show, but enough with the Mariah Carey. I was over her back in 1996.

Ishaara, the Bollywood Dance Troupe, is up next. I think they should go through because not only are they good, but they are original. They are put against Footwork Kingz from Chicago. Except they are both through! Well, that is surprising. Especially since they presented it as overprilvileged kids from Berkley versus street kids from Chicago.

Up next in front of the judges are Jeffrey, the piano player prodigy whose voice is way lower than it should be because he looks like Mini Hiro, and Rashida, the harp player. I liked Rashida. She's like Norah Jones or Alicia Keys with a harp. The decision is that Rashida is going home and Jeffrey is advancing. Because the judges hate me. Jeffrey is uber-classy about it, crying about seeing Rashida go home. Awww.

Rejection Montage: the Whip-wielding Couple; three tumbling/acrobat acts, including the one that looks like two villains from Die Hard; Arthur the belly-dancer; nd cute sister of the brother-sister country act, who gets rejected because he had another opportunity and is no longer with the act (punk).

Eleisha Miller, the spazzy 8 year-old who sings and plays the keyboard. She's really not that good and she finds herself a lot funnier than she actually is. I hope she doesn't make it, but I have a feeling she will. And then she does. Because the judges hate me.

Next is Mario & Jamie, the leather-clad chainsaw-juggling husband and wife team. Frankly, I don't really see what point she serves in the act, but maybe that's just me. I guess they're actually kind-of the definition of a "Vegas" act, so I'm alright if they make it. And then they do! They judges probably still hate me because I'm very wishy-washy on these two.

Marcus Terell & the Serenades are next. Marcus should audition for "American Idol;" he doesn't need the Serenades. The judges tell him no and the Serenades ask if they'll consider taking him by himself and they'll bow out. The judges agree to that and it's all very sweet. One of the Serenades says, "That's what friends do." Awww.

Dance-Off Time
BreakSk8, Destined2B, and Euphoria are up now. It's very group-week-of-American-Idol. I really want to see someone have a meltdown. Euphoria performs first and it reminds me of a cheerleading competition routine. BreakSk8 does some neat tricks, I dig the roller skates. Destined2B is the most boring, to me. I would put through Euphoria and BreakSk8. If I could only pick one, it would be BreakSk8, I think they are the most original. In the end, BreakSk8 goes through. Man, the judges finally don't hate me!

Next are Voices of Glory, the three kids whose mom is in a wheelchair. I mean, are the judges really going to cut them? It'd be like killing a puppy with a tack hammer. So of course the judges put them through. Duh.

Top 40 Montage: cancer-having opera singer mom; weird Amazing-Jonathan-like comedian/variety act; Viva and the other cute dog; the dancing granny; Charles something-something the piano player/singer; Pixie Sticks, the creepy munchkinland girls; an acrobatic tumbling group; a female singer I don't recognize (is that Thia Megia?); the singing sisters who did "I Want You Back;" the boys who play guitar and tapdance; and Grandma Lee.

Alisma, the violin-playing Dahm triplets, are up next. The judges tell them that they have a long way to go with perfectin their act but that they are through anyway. Hmmm. I loved their violin playing, so I'll be curious to see what they do in the next round.

The final showdown today is Mia the piano-player/singer from last year and Kelli Glover, the season 1 "American Idol" semi-finalist. I think both are good enough to go through, if you ask me. After making both women cry and beg and plead (shame on you judges), it turns out Kelli is not through and she starts really begging. It's so upsetting.

Mia gets through and starts crying really hard. Good for her for getting through, but I can't believe Eleisha Miller and the Munchkin girls and Alisma made it through and Kelli didn't. Bah.

In the previews for next week, it appears that Simon Cowell puts in a call to the judges. I will bet you all the money I have (which is not much, but it's something) that it's about Kari Callin. I bet you anything. Oh barf.

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