silhouettes agt semifinals 'America's Got Talent': The strongest Top 10 they've ever had?We’re ready to round out the Top 10 on “America’s Got Talent.” Let’s find out who’s in and who’s out.

The first group brought down is Silhouettes, Gymkana and Steven Retchless. Silhouettes is the one through, obviously. Bummed about Steven Retchless. Nick Cannon goes, “This place is on fire for you guys!” Too soon, Nick. Too soon.

Now there’s Nicki Minaj and some guy. I just cannot make myself care about this, I’m flipping over to baseball. Hey, a grand slam by my team’s pitcher! You don’t see that every day.

The second group brought down is Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. and Anna Graceman. And I just assume they are both through, but then it turns out – only Anna is through! Wow, I am stunned. Oh. It was a fake out. Man, that was kinda mean. How cute was it when Anna leaped into his arms?

The next group is Professor Splash, Fatally Unique, Summerwind Skippers and Landon Swank. You guys know I think it should be Landon, but I’m honestly not sure with this foursome. But then he’s through, so good for him.

Now we have Susan Boyle. I’ll give her a listen. She does “You Have to Be There” from the musical “Kristina.” It’s OK, not my favorite Susan performance.

The final group is down to The Kinetic King, Smage Bros. Riding Show and Snap Boogie. I would have to imagine Snap is the first one eliminated – but then it’s the Kinetic King! I’m surprised. I’m not mad, I don’t think he’s right for this show, but I’m a little surprised. People seem bonkers over him.

So now it’s the judges’ turn. Man, I don’t know. I don’t really care either way, I guess. I don’t love or hate either of the remaining acts. I do think Smage Bros. needs a bigger arena, but in Vegas if they had more room, they might really have something, so I guess I would go with them if I were voting.

Sharon votes for Snap (while Piers is a pill again). Piers votes for Smage Bros., solely based on last night’s performances. And then Howie votes for Smage Bros. too. Yeah, that seems about right. Snap should go over to “SYTYCD.”

So the Top 10 is Lys Agnes, POPLYFE, Team iLuminate, Miami All Stars, West Springfield Dance, Landon Swank, Anna Graceman, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., Silhouettes and the Smage Bros. Riding Show. What do you think, “AGT” fans? Honestly, I think this might be the strongest Top 10 they’ve ever had.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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