prince poppycock americana agt 'America's Got Talent': Three spots sewn up, who gets the fourth?Prince Poppycock, Jackie Evancho and Fighting Gravity seem to have four spots sewn up — who is going to be the fourth in the “America’s Got Talent” finale?

1. Studio One Young Beast Society
Their routine this week is very synchronized and has some neat tricks, but they take too long to get to the big tricks. The one where the girl flipped over all the guy’s legs was awesome, they should’ve led with that. It’s very good and I commend them for getting so far, but I don’t see them advancing with all the sob stories and singers in the mix.

2. Christina & Ali
They should be pretty pumped after their cousin and Boise State won the big football game. For the Top 10, their song is “Never Met a Man.” It’s adorable, probably their best yet, and little Christina is going to have quite the instrument when she gets older and really learns how to control her voice. The harmonies are okay and the lower stuff gets a little lost, but I preferred that 100x more than their schmaltzy, sob story stuff. I’m not minimizing their lives and Cystic Fibrosis struggle, but that’s not what this is about, ya know? Vocally, I don’t think they are good enough to advance, but tonight was good and I’m happy for them.

3. Jeremy Vanschoonhoven
With the clever “Riding Solo,” Jeremy starts in the stage balcony and then hops down across trashcans and a car, mostly on only his back wheel. He goes up onto a wall, hops onto a very small bar and then down to the car again and the ground. It’s impressive. Not something I can see winning (there’s a reason these acts are stacked at the beginning) but well done, sir.

4. Taylor Mathews
Taylor’s song this week is “Wonderful World” and it definitely is reminiscent of his “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” audition. The voting public should eat this one up, it’s nice, bouncy, fun and just the right amount of schmaltz without making you want to heave. What is wrong with me tonight? I can’t find anything to be critical about — everybody’s more or less bringing it.

5. Anna and Patryk
They are dancing to “Sing, Sing, Sing,” which is my very favorite Big Band era song, it’s so great. Have you seen “Swing Kids”? There’s a phenomenal scene in that to this song. Anyway, Anna and Patryk look just adorable in a pink ball gown and yellow tuxedo. The dancing itself starts off a little slow — with how well the previous acts have done, this seems really boring until the very end. Their flip trick is very cute, especially since Anna is a little bigger than Patryk.

Now, right at the beginning, Anna fell down the stairs. She must be hugely commended for getting up and dancing as well as she did. She is of course upset afterward and the judges are super-sweet to her. Sharon calls her a true professional, Howie calls her wonderful and tells her not to cry, which of course makes her cry more and makes me cry a little. And then Piers says she clearly wants to win because she got up and danced like nothing had happened and he calls her a star and it’s very nice. *sniffle* Man, they might get through just because of that incident because it’s about the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen.

Weirdly, there is a performance by Enrique Iglesias. I will not be recapping it. It’s annoying.

6. Fighting Gravity
Their performance tonight is the moon landing and it’s certainly a step up from what they’ve done in the past. It’s actually pretty awesome. Ooh, lasers! There are lasers. I bet that is so neat to see live. There’s not much to say because describing it doesn’t really convey. It’s not mistake-free, but it was very entertaining.

7. Michael Grimm
The call for the Top 10 is “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. It’s soulful and sexy. I love that he let the guitar go for a performance. Did he out-sing Taylor Mathews? I think he did.  The judges love that he ditched the guitar and I must say, it did make a big difference.

8. Michael Grasso
So my slingbox cut out for the exact 2 minutes of this performance. I didn’t see one bit of it. I’m sure it was neat. I’ll sub in a recap of it later when I can watch the West Coast airing. Sorry.

UPDATE: Got my DVR and watched teh trick. It involves a girl in a see-through box thrust through with swords, making it look like she cannot possibly get out. But of course she does (behind a curtain) and it looks as though Grasso is now in the box, but he instead has become one of the assistants. Eh. That was alright, but I don’t think he’ll advance.

9. Prince Poppycock
Does anybody else laugh every time Nick Cannon says “poppycock”? Just us? Anyway, the Prince does an Americana medley, complete with kick-line and a quote from the Declaration of Independence. He told us it was an homage to “Uncle Sam and Liberace,” which is delightful. This is so “AGT,” with the colors and fireworks and classic songs, it should’ve been last because the house goes wild. But we’re sure Jackie won’t disappoint.

10. Jackie Evancho
Jackie picks a piece I’m not familiar with, but it’s just gorgeous. And they have brought out all the stops — white gauze, a choir, fog, backlighting. It’s angelic and gorgeous. Does she have this competition won or can Prince Poppycock or Fighting Gravity nab the title from her? That was her best performance yet, it was so peaceful and she didn’t miss a note that I could tell.

I have to say — this week was very good, right? Everyone had a very solid night and I honestly have no idea who is going through. I feel like Prince Poppycock, Jackie Evancho and Fighting Gravity are pretty sure bets, but who knows? I wouldn’t be shocked by any surprises tomorrow night. 

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