landau eugene murphy jr agt 'America's Got Talent' winner Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. 'thought America was going to vote the other way'Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. took home the Season 6 crown for “America’s Got Talent.” He tells the press about his experience on the show.

On his experience overall:

“It was a crazy roller coaster ride that I’ve been on … It was great. I loved it. I’m a crowd performer, the bigger the crowd, the better I perform. I love a packed house.”

On whether he thought he was going to win:

“Really, no, I did not. I thought America was going to have sympathy for the kids, just like I had throughout the whole show. It’s been hard to stand up there and see them go home. I really thought America was going to vote the other way. I guess they had sympathy for me too and compassion for my story. It’s just been nice, I love it.”

On what he is most looking forward to with his show at Caesar’s Palace:

“Catering to all our elders. Our elders have nothing to do, it’s like no one’s catering to them anymore. I want to cater to them, give them a fantastic show and bring something new to the classic crooners genre and let the youth of America and the rest of the world see how big bands operate.”

On his connection with the young contestants:

“My connection is just like any other person. I love kids. I’ve got kids the same age as them, so it was kind of hard for me to be int he competition and see them go home. I always want them to succeed. I just tried to tell them to keep their feet on the ground, not let the fame go to their heads. It’s just been wonderful.”

On what he wants to do with the money?

“I’m going to invest in my kids’ futures. My kids are very talented also. I just want them to finish their school and hopefully go off to college and pursue their dreams. That’s what I want to do with the money. Build a big house for my family, pamper my wife a lot, that’s just something that I love to do.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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