poppycock 'America's Got Talent's' Prince Poppycock: 'It's a dream come true'Prince Poppycock is one of four “America’s Got Talent” Season 5 finalists. He tells Zap2it about the experience so far and whether there’s been any opera smacktalk between himself and Jackie Evancho.

“It’s a dream come true just to be able to produce this kind of act at this level, this production support,” Poppycock tells us. “My ideas get to come to life in these really big ways, so it’s just really exciting.”

With two of the four finalists being opera singers (or as Jackie corrects us, classical crossover singers), is there any backstage opera smacktalk happening?

“Oh, no,” he laughs. “Never, she’s lovely. She’s just great and she has a beautiful voice. It’s great just to get opera out in the public consciousness because there’s just no melodies more beautiful.”

And like Jackie, Prince Poppycock does not consider himself strictly an opera singer.

“I love opera and I’m never going to stop singing it, but I also want to show my versatility,” Poppycock explains. “I can front a rock band. I have history in rock n’ roll, Broadway and opera, so I want to show my versatiltiy.

Once the “America’s Got Talent” ride is over, he can’t wait to start his full-blown career whether he wins or not.

“Well, I would love a vacation, that would be great because this has takena  lot otu of me,” he laughs. “But hopefully no matter what happens I’m going to be able to start recording. I can’t wait to start planning a stage show.”

The “America’s Got Talent” finale airs Tuesday (Sept. 14) at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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