antm 14 final four 320 'America's Next Top Model 14': Who should win? Vote!On “America’s Next Top Model,” who should come out on top in New Zealand?

Even though there are four model wannabes left, we get two back-to-back episodes Wednesday (May 12). So there will be at least one model who bites the runway dust before the finale.

Naturally, each of them have their strengths and weaknesses (and dramas). Let’s break it down:

Alexandra Underwood – Wow, we’re so thrilled that this plus-sized model has gotten so far, without the weird hang-ups of “Top Model” plus-sized past. She’s has the unfortunate notoriety for having fallen down twice on a runway challenge, once when a giant pendulum actually knocked her off the stage. Ouch. She’s been in the Bottom Two twice and only won one group reward challenge. It seems though that she’s getting her mojo back and has been giving good face for the past few episodes, doing a great photo shoot with a sheep and pushing through a runny nose.

Krista White – This girl was completely stealth at first, but she’s as strong as it gets. She really knows her angles, has been called out first the last three episodes, won three reward challenges (one group challenge, dragalicious runway challenge, the hairwear challenge) and has never been in the Bottom Two. Most importantly, she got to fly first class to New Zealand. That’s worth it right there.

Raina Hein – Her eyebrows might have overpowered her, but she’s shown a remarkable ability to completely own them in photos. She takes great pictures, but she’s never stood out from the crowd much. Never landing in the Bottom Two ane never winning a reward challenge. Her photo has only been called out first once.

Angelea Preston – The New Yorker got a second chance after she didn’t make it to the house in a previous season and she’s completely made up for it. Hmm, maybe there’s something to be said about maturity. That doesn’t mean she’s left the attitude behind though. Krista is her best bud (until lately) and also her biggest competition. Angelea has two reward challenge wins, was once in the Bottom Two and has had her photo called out first for that great New York subway challenge.

Don’t be too sad if your girl doesn’t win though. We’re sure Tyra Banks will give each of  them a copy of her novel, Modelland.

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