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Once “America’s Next Top Model” hits their international destination, the competition can come down to who’s not progressing enough. In Liz Williams’ case, it seemed her M.O. for making excuses finally got her booted. But, according to the mom from Arlington, Texas, that was all in the editing.
“That was a misprint right there, because all the girls did their share of complaining for sure,” she tells Zap2it. But it’s the way it’s edited… They just show our frustrating moments or when we’re under pressure, so that’s kind of sad. But I know I have lots of years ahead of me to show people I am a different person.”
We gave Liz 5 questions to plead her case:
1.) Do you think that being called a complainer on the show is something you will have to live down for a while?
No, because everyone that knows me knows I’m just crazy all over the place, full of personality. I’ve got three jobs, two kids that I provide for. If I made excuses or complaints like that, I would not get far at all in the real world. It just would not take me anywhere. But I take care of myself and I never had managers or anyone say something like that to me. So it was other people’s opinions and then they distort it how they want. So I am just going to go with the flow because I know what’s really up.

americas next top model the cw liz 2 'America's Next Top Model': 5 questions for Liz, who excused herself out of Italy

2.) One of the last things Tyra Banks told you on the show was, “Don’t go put a weave in that hair.” Did you listen?
Right, and permanently no, for sure no, because I love the short hair. I rock the mohawk at work almost everyday. But just recently with the rain and all the weather and the mohawk doesn’t stand up straight, I just ‘poof,’ pop a wig on. It clips in and I take it off when I get home.
3.) Tell us why it took you a while to get into the short hair.
It’s just that I wasn’t used to having no hair. That really took a lot of getting used to, because I’m a mixed girl. So, I’ve grown up with just hair like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve gone fro, straight, curly — I’ve had it all. And for it to just be gone and I’m already very masculine in the face and my features, it took some getting used to. I used to get made fun of all the time for looking like a man and in my mind I thought, ‘Wow, now I’m really going to be made fun of.’ So, that just kind of took awhile. But now I definitely rock it and I get compliments more than anything else.
4.) It seems a lot of this Cycle’s models were made fun of for whatever reason. Should that give hope to awkward girls?
It’s weird. When I grew up in school, I had the uni-brow and the crooked teeth and the glasses and the fro. And people just cracked on me all the time and you just slowly morph into it. And I think most models start off this goofy little character and you find out what you have.
5.) Who do you think is going to win the show? Give us your top three and why.
I would have to say Ann and Chris, because they’re from Texas. I really want them to do well. And if not them, then Kayla. She really does well on her shoots. So, I think she has potential.
“America’s Next Top Model” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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