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California native and fulltime mom, 21-year old Sara Blackamore, already had a strike against her when she entered “America’s Next Top Model.” She was marked for imminent death in the competition. She was too “commercial.” 
Of course, host Tyra Banks, loves a challenge and tried to toughen her up with a dark makeover. In the end, the brunette hair and strange bleached eyebrows didn’t extend her life on the competition and she was eliminated.
1) It seemed like your biggest regret was leaving your son.
I felt guilty at the time just because I had so many emotions running through me. When I got home and everything, I didn’t feel guilty anymore and I knew that it was the right thing for me to do. Just at that moment, I felt horrible because I didn’t win and I had left him.
2.) What was the hardest part of the competition for you?
I think definitely the toughest part of the competition for me was all I heard throughout the whole competition. I only heard negative. Watching it, I did get a positive critique during my runway, but they never gave me any positive critiques [on photo shoots]. I only heard negative and I think that was the toughest part for me.
3.) Do you understand why they gave you that particular makeover?
At the time, I definitely thought that it was going to help me because most of the negative things they had to say to me was just I was too California, too pretty. So I felt that this would make me more high fashion and that it would take away from them telling me I was too pretty, because the makeover wasn’t obviously a pretty makeover. 
Watching the episode, I totally think that the makeover was a horrible decision. Not trying to bash Tyra’s opinion or whatever. She thought it was a good idea, but I just don’t think it would make sense to have bleached eyebrows and dark hair unless I was doing it for a runway show or one picture and dyed it back. It’s not like an everyday look. And definitely since the show, I’ve dyed my eyebrows back and I’m definitely going to grow my hair long again.

americas next top model sara 2 'America's Next Top Model': 5 questions for Sara, who got her wings clipped

4.) They make a big deal that this cycle is the “high fashion” cycle. With your all-American looks, do you wonder why they picked you?
Yeah, I mean maybe in a previous cycle I could have done better because it’s more Seventeen and everything and it’s not so quirky ‘high fashion.’ I think that was holding me back, because all they kept telling me is ‘you’re too pretty. You’re too American, too California.’ But the thing is they did pick me out of all these girls and knowing that it was the ‘high fashion’ season. I just didn’t get that.
5.) Were you surprised you were eliminated or did you have a feeling?
You know what? It’s funny, because even watching the show last night I was surprised I went home. I pretty much told myself I knew I was in the bottom two. But I thought that out of anyone I was up against, I had the best chance standing up against Lexie. As you saw in the show, her criticism was a lot worse than mine and I thought it was going to be her going home before me, but that didn’t happen.
Bonus: Who are your top three for the win and why?
I’d definitely say Chelsea, number one. I think she, out of all the other girls, will make the most of winning. Even if she didn’t win I know a hundred percent that she will keep modeling. I can’t say that about all the girls. I just think that she will do the best of everyone else that’s left. I think Chelsea, Ann and Kayla will be top three. I mean they all love Kayla and Ann. I like Ann. She was a really nice girl. I think Chelsea would do more if she won over her. I think Ann takes great pictures and has a good chance.
“America’s Next Top Model” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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