americas next top model cw sara 1 'America's Next Top Model': 5 questions for Sara, whose feminist fire got snuffed out

Sara Longoria, the last eliminated contestant on “America’s Next Top Model” would like to make something very clear. She doesn’t believe she has to choose between modeling and her feminist politics and she’s totally up for the job.
“Coupled with some clever editing and the voiceover talking about how embarrassed I might be later when my fem-core friends saw this makes me seem like I let my politics get in the way of modeling,” Sara, 18, tells Zap2it. “On the one hand, even me bringing it up was extremely unprofessional. Models should be able to take any job and do any job regardless of what she believes personally.”
So, what happened with the Edinburg, Texas student? We tried to figure that out in five questions:
You and Alexandria had a disagreement over moving to New York City to pursue modeling after the competition is over. How did that come about?
It’s a reality TV show, so they can’t show everything that occurs. They only showed a tiny portion of it. I wasn’t saying that it’s more important for me to go back to the real world, and pursue a real job, and forget about modeling. I was just saying that I need to wrap up my affairs, finish my semester at college, and then I would actively pursue modeling after the show. And then, go back to college when I was finished with modeling. 

I couldn’t even afford a plane ticket to New York after the competition. I don’t know where [Alexandria] would get that… I feel like my looks are going to fade someday and I’m going to need an education. So, I’ll pursue my education after I finish modeling.
How do you feel towards Alexandria?
Alexandria is a great person and outside of the stressful environment of the competition she’s really wonderful. But, she confused me a lot of the time. I have a lot of respect for her, but we come from different backgrounds. Some of the other girls also come from more affluent, rich backgrounds and I got along great with them.

What were your thoughts on the fire runway challenge?
Oh, that was so much fun. I got a little flak for basically sprinting off the state in my panicky phase, I couldn’t get my hands lit. But, we’re taught from the time that we’re small children not to touch the stove, because it’s hot. And then you go to “America’s Next Top Model” and they put you in this very flammable dress, cover you in hairspray and flammable materials, and you have to go stick your hands in a big ol’ fire, and then walk. It’s very difficult to do, but my dress was extremely short and tight, so I couldn’t life my arms very high or my chichi would show. So, I think that made me look a little odd in my picture.

americas next top model cw sara 2 'America's Next Top Model': 5 questions for Sara, whose feminist fire got snuffed out

The judges and the commercial director thought you psyched yourself out with your feminist political beliefs during the commercial challenge. Was that true?
There were things going on behind the scenes that weren’t filmed or shown. I’m actually not allowed to talk about them, because they might show them later in a recap episode or whatever. There was definitely a darker thing going on behind the scenes that in addition to the commercial kind of gave me a very scary ‘Twilight Zone’ feeling when I was there.
I definitely wasn’t trying to psych myself out. Just truthfully, I’m a very poor actress and I’m working to improve that, because it’s a skill models need to have. But, I didn’t check out, I didn’t give up on the commercial. I was just acting to the best of my ability. 
Who are you rooting for to win?
I know this is unexpected, but I think all the girls deserve to win. I think we all deserve these prizes. I know there can only be one winner. So, I’m kind of rooting for Brittani. She’s from a poor background like myself and she wants to escape the cycle her parents and her family has put her into. And I totally relate to that. She has an amazing face and she has so much talent and experience. I feel like if she won it would be such a Cinderella story. I’m such a sucker for that kind of thing. 
Hannah, Brittani, Mikaela or Molly are my top, but I hope Brittani wins.
“America’s Next Top Model” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.
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