Poor 24-year old Terra White may have earned herself the nickname, “Tear-a,” for crying so much during her short stint on “America’s Next Top Model.” One of the girls we thought would be very strong, Terra surprised us when it seemed as if she buckled under the pressure very easily and especially while her younger sister, Chris, seemed to excel.
Then, of course, she got the “Ty-Over” from hell and then there was a surprise elimination — which we think was a test to see if she could hang in this competition. Poor thing couldn’t and she was eliminated.
1) It was so early and we thought you where one of the stronger girls going in, how surprised where you at how difficult the competition was?
I really can’t say how difficult it was, because I was only there two different photo shoots and a runway challenge. But from just those three things it wasn’t that difficult, but it was just very challenging. A lot of obstacles for people to overcome to get to where they need to be and I feel I just didn’t make it past those obstacles quick enough. 
2) Being a fan of “ANTM” you knew about the makeover. Was it different going through it?
My family was like ‘they are going to cut your hair off’ and I was like ‘no. they are probably just going to give me extensions.’ So I never really prepared myself for a full on haircut. And even if they did cut my hair I was like, ‘oh, they’ll leave two or three inches or something.’ I mean I basically had a fade in the back which is a little bit of hair to no hair and I wasn’t really expecting that. You never really expect or prepare yourself for any type of makeover that they are going to give you, because you never really know what they are going to give you.


3.) Are you mad at Tyra Banks about the makeover?
I’m not mad at Tyra because of the haircut, she knows what she’s doing. So I don’t try to say, ‘well, you’re wrong for cutting my hair off.’ I just felt that if you’re going to cut somebody’s hair like that than you should at least say ‘we can’t eliminate her, because we just cut all this girl’s hair off.’ You can’t do that. It’s almost traumatizing. You cut my hair and that’s the end of it?
4.) Were you surprised when they called your name?
I don’t think I did that badly. I know I struggled… [Jay Manuel] came from behind the camera and was like ‘you’re doing beautifully from the last photo shoot. I can tell you’re improving.’ So I felt very good about myself… So I was ready to go home and practice some more for the next photo shoot and when he called my name I just kind of put my head down like ‘you have to be kidding me, this is not happening.’
5.) Who do you think should have been eliminated before you?
After watching them a little bit, even though me and Sara were really close and I got to really know her, she went home right after me and I kind of feel like her makeover wasn’t really that drastic and she wasn’t doing a good job for the shoot. And also Casey: She wasn’t doing a good shoot after the makeover, but it wasn’t an ‘oh you’re going to go home next,’ because I’m not thinking about a surprise elimination. I’m thinking next photo, next elimination, that’s what I’m thinking in my head.
Bonus: Who are your top three picks to win the title and why?
I would have to say my sister, Chris. It’s my sister and that’s just all there is to that one. I would have to say Kendal. I feel Kendal is the complete package. She has the runway walk. She has the bone structure. She knows her angles. So, to me she’s going to be a pretty big threat. And I would have to say Kayla. All the judges, they love Kayla, so she will probably be up there too.
“America’s Next Top Model” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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