americas next top model alexandria 'America's Next Top Model': Alexandria's ego is on fire

So, she may be going to Harvard, but Tyra Banks isn’t the quickest study. This week on “America’s Next Top Model,” a second guest judge gave a less than glowing report of Alexandria on-set and Tyra finally realized sanctions must be placed on the Orange County-sized ego.
Before that, she sent Miss J. to do her dirty work in this week’s first challenge. Continuing this season’s ridiculously made for TV challenges, she sent the girls down a fiery runway. No one literally crashed and burned, but that would’ve made for one hell of a promo tease.
Dalya, who proclaimed herself the strongest walker, actually made good on her word. By the way, did we mention this episode’s theme is confidence? 
Hannah, Sarah, and Kasia, the three worst runway walkers, had to hoof it home as their punishment. Overall, this season has some pretty strong walkers, right? Every season has the wobblers, but there’s not one in the bunch. We thought for sure that Sarah would be that girl, but she really wasn’t that terrible.
Just as the three girls entered the living room, there was Tyra-mail! The gals would be doing “Mad Men-era” commercials the next day for – do we have to say it? – Fierce Roast Coffee.

americas next top model sara mikaela 'America's Next Top Model': Alexandria's ego is on fire

During the shoot, once again, most of the girls were pretty OK. In past seasons, we’ve gotten at least a couple mumblers, models with strong accents, and girls who were too nervous to speak. The most we got here was a nervous Mikaela. Then there’s Sarah, who suddenly becomes a hardcore feminist who happens to be in a (surprise!) modeling competition, and talked herself out of getting into the role. Then, there are a few girls whose performances were too flat. Tyra, where did you find these girls? Signed at modeling agencies already or something? Boring.
Our favorite part of the shoot was watching Alexandria fix the lights, direct the shoot, finish Brittani’s makeup and prepare sandwiches for the crew all at the same time. And for the record, she wasn’t being bossy. She was doing the other “B” word: Bonding.
Back at panel, it was snore-a-palooza watching the panel pick at the smallest of details on otherwise fine commercials. We woke up when photographer/ director/ judge/ Nigel’s competition for sexiest guy on the panel, Francesco Carrozzini, pointed out something we’ve never heard before. What’s that Francesco? Alexandria was being bossy on set and you would probably never hire her? We’re shocked!
So, the winner of the commercial was buxom, flirty Kasia and in the bottom two was suddenly feminist, unconfident Sara and, look at that, soon-to-be unemployable model, Alexandria. So, who goes? If Tyra were marketing water in a drought she still couldn’t trust that Sarah could sell it. So, back to the fem-core from whence she came.
Can Alexandria get her attitude in check before next week’s elimination?
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