americas next top model all stars cast 'America's Next Top Model' All Stars cast: Good girls vs. bad girls

When “America’s Next Top Model” announced that the next cycle would be an “All-Stars” round, we couldn’t be more pleased. In fact, we wondered what took so long?
The show taped a fashion show in Los Angeles on Wednesday (May 11) with all the judges and, hello, the models who are returning to battle it out for what they believed was theirs in the first place.
We’re most surprised that delusional, but hilarious Jade Rodan from Cycle 6 wasn’t included. And we’re sad to see that they’ve invited “Why the long face?” Alexandria Everett from the current Cycle as she was extremely annoying and we haven’t been able to enjoy her elimination long enough.
Who are we excited to see again? We thought Cycle 11’s transgender contestant Isis King could stand another chance. And we’re happy we’ll be able to see if farm girl Laura Kirkpatrick has become worldlier since Cycle 13. And finally, we did think Cycle 9’s house witch, Bianca Golden, made for good TV.
Here’s the All-Stars cast in two groups, the good girls and the bad girls as we saw them:
Good Girls

Cycle 1: Shannon Stewart (runner-up) – Known as the “commercial girl,” this former pageant queen has never actually won a crown. Could this be her chance?
Cycle 4: Brittany Brower (finished fourth) – She was “too sexy” for Tyra, but reminded then judge Janice Dickinson of her younger self.
Cycle 11: Isis King (finished 10th) – Featured in a Cycle 10 shoot with homeless girls, Tyra thought she stood out in the pictures more than the actual models. She’s the first transgender contestant.
Cycle 11: Sheena Sakai (finished sixth) – A “round the way girl” from Harlem who reminded Tyra of Kimora Lee Simmons.
Cycle 12: Allison Harvard (runner-up) – Awkward girl with the big eyes who admitted to a fascination with bloody noses.
Cycle 13: Laura Kirkpatrick (runner-up) – Farm girl who loved to model her favorite designer’s clothes: Couture by grandma.
Cycle 15: Kayla Ferrel (finished fourth) – Rough around the edges, she admitted to having to sleep on the floor for a time and for being bullied after she came out as a lesbian in high school.
Cycle 16: Alexandria Everett (finished fourth) – Possibly misunderstood California girl, definitely annoying, but not necessarily mean-spirited.
Bad Girls

Cycle 2: Camille McDonald (finished fifth) – Not liked by the other girls, even the judges began to see her as arrogant. She also hinted to the judges that Yoanna House had an eating disorder.
Cycle 5: Lisa D’Amato (finished sixth) – Strange and attention-seeking, hilarious when drunk, she was eliminated for her arrogance though she was a strong model. 
Cycle 5: Bre Scullark (finished third) – Known as spunky, she created granola-gate when she accused Nicole Linkletter of stealing her granola bar and retaliated by throwing out Nicole’s energy drinks.
Cycle 9: Bianca Golden (finished fourth) – Known for being complainer. She hated her makeover with a passion and was later eliminated for not improving enough in the competition. 
Cycle 10: Dominique Reighard (finished fourth) – Not happy with the short cut she received in her makeover, she struggled with her strong bone structure and looking “too drag.”
Cycle 14: Angelea Preston (finished fourth) – Didn’t make it in Cycle 12, but did manage to get into a fight during those semifinals. She came back and claimed to have changed, but soon went back to causing drama.
Who are you excited to welcome back? Who do you wish early elimination on?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog