antm finale all stars 'America's Next Top Model' all stars finale: Lisa D'Amato, Allison Harvard or Angelea Preston, who won?On the “America’s Next Top Model” all stars cycle finale, it came down
to Lisa D’Amato, Allison Harvard and Angelea Preston. So who took the crown?

After an unusual panel where the judges informed us that Angelea had been disqualified (we talk about why here), Allison and Lisa were the final two, with Lisa being declared the winner.

Let’s see how we got there …

The episode starts off with each girl talking about their journey, blahblahblah sad story cakes. Let’s get to the crazy challenge and photoshoot.

The Cover Girl print ad and commercial

This is always a hilarious trainwreck. Lisa’s print shoot is really pretty, her eye makeup is crazy and looks awesome. Her commercial lines are actually pretty solid, except for a weird “oh yes” line, but honestly, that’s the bad writing. It’s a clunky line.

Allison’s print shoot is kind of bland, but her eyes, which are the focus of the shoot, are amazing. This type of print ad really favors her – until they make her film a tight shot in the sunlight. Um, put her in some shade! Ugh. I think this is manufactured drama. She has an issue, work around it. It’d be like if they had a model in a wheelchair and wanted her to run.

During her commercial, Allison comes across pretty shy and Jay wants her to ramp up the enthusiasm. She ends up doing pretty well, when pushed.

Angelea does a great commercial shoot, her enthusiasm is fantastic. I don’t like her prints as well as the other two, I don’t think her eyes are actually her best feature. But I’m sure she got at least a few really good shots.

The Photoshoot

The shoot is for swimwear. Allison gets her eyebrows bleached and like Angelea says, looks very editorial. She has on a white swim suit and looks very ethereal. Lisa looks … a little skanky, to me. Angelea does well, her bone structure is really great.

The Final Runway

They are flying through the air, descending into a pool and walking to the songs they wrote. That sounds insane and exactly what we should have expected from this cycle. Shannon, Dominique and Laura are back to walk too.

We also get to see the Michael Cinco dresses, yay! Each dress is gorgeous in its own way and each dress really suits its girl.

The runway is crazy. The swimming in the pool part is ridiculous, then they do a switcheroo behind some sheets with one of the eliminated girls and act like they have been transformed, as the contestant runs back stage to change and come back to get harnessed. It’s super, super dumb, you guys.

When Lisa’s song comes on, she stops caring about the strong wind and she just rocks it. She does really well.

Angelea freaks out about the swimming part, but she does OK. Then she takes the runway and it’s not bad. She’s a little stiff, not quite as cut loose as Lisa was.

Allison swims under water a long way, which makes that part less weird. Slightly. Her runway is not the best, but her dress is beautiful. She does kind of flash a little at one point because the wind is nuts.

Judging Panel

It turns out Angelea was disqualified. They don’t tell us why. Hmmm. So they are only judging Allison and Lisa.

The judges think Allison should’ve been a little more together and confident on the runway, but her water part was good. Lisa was the opposite. Bad in the water, good on the runway.

Their Cover Girl commercials are pretty evenly matched. Allison is surprisingly bubbly and energetic and she looks gorgeous. Lisa is better on camera, but they film her from some weird angles that makes her nose look enormous.

For the print ads, Allison is not as intense as she usually is and for an eye makeup ad, she should’ve killed this. Lisa’s is stronger, much more expressive and intense.

I think Lisa is going to win. And then she does! Congratulations to Lisa.

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