angelea antm sepia 'America's Next Top Model': Angelea loses her mindWe start out back from judging and the “America’s Next Top Model” girls are apparently turning into catty monsters (like they haven’t been already, right?). Angelea can’t believe she’s been in the Bottom 2 and Dominique hasn’t. Lisa thinks her biggest competition is Allison – “She blinks and [the judges] freak out … I think she looks like she’s, like, dead.”

Nice, ladies.


The challenge has them critiquing each other. There is not a lot of constructive criticism, mostly just random I-don’t-like-this stuff, with no real reasoning behind it. BUT THEN. Miss Jay asks them to say who doesn’t deserve to be there. Laura, Allison and Lisa all take the Miss Congeniality route and say there is no one who doesn’t deserve to be there. Dominique then busts out that Angelea is lacking in confidence and isn’t owning her all-star-ness. It’s actually a nice speech about how Dominique sees potential in Angelea and thinks she can give more.

But Angelea, of course, takes it as an attack and goes predictably bonkers. She calls Dominique unprofessional (for doing what Miss Jay asked her to do?) and then when Laura joins in by saying she cares about Angelea and wants to see her be less guarded. Lisa kinda chimes in to and Angelea snots, “I don’t need to be schooled by none of y’all.” *headsmack*

Laura was right – this is a trainwreck. Angelea has some serious issues. She’s so gross when she’s like this. I hated her during her original cycle and I was coming around on her during the all-star cycle, but now I’m back to hating her. She storms off crying like a little girl.

When she finally comes back, she says none of the girls have the potential to become the winner of all-stars. And then she sashays off. *sigh*

After they all vote on best runway walk, best portfolio and overall star quality. Allison gets the weakest, which surprises me quite a bit. But if she got the lowest on runway walk from everybody (which she probably did, her walk is hideous), then that would really hurt her overall score.

Laura gets overall best score, which surprises me too. I figured Lisa would get it. Good for Laura! Lisa snots that of course Laura got first, because nobody feels threatened by her. Wow.

Their reward is to go on a yacht and then out partying with Greek socialites. It’s bananas. Allison and Lisa aren’t drinking, while Laura is seemingly knocking them back with the best of ’em. It’s good to see Grandma Wanda Sue also taught her how to drink.


The girls are going Olympics, portraying different sports. Nigel is the photographer. Dominique is the javelin thrower. She looks beautiful in her jade dress, with some high crazy hair. Though she’s pretty confused about what a “javin” is.

Allison is the discus thrower, but she gets a purse nstead of a discus. Why give Dominique a javelin and not give Allison not an actual discus?

Lisa gets a long dress and the hurdles, which she did in high school. She doesn’t want to jump because the panel keeps critiquing her for jumping all the time in shoots. Nigel gives her a pep talk and then she starts hurdling in her actual shots and it’s awesome.

Laura is archery. She looks incredible and cracks that her sister is good at bow and arrow, “We gotta eat!” Heh. She’s great. Jay is exactly right when he calls her Athena. Totally.

Angelea gets shotput. She has no idea what it is and she’s super awkward. She looks like she’s squatting to poop, she’s turned around backwards. It’s really bizarre.


Allison’s picture is cool. It’s awkward and weird, but her face is strong. Lisa’s picture is magical from far away. She’s kind of missing her back leg and her face is a bit dead in the close-up, but the picture is gorgeous overall. Dominique’s photo is off-balance, but she looks like a warrior princess. Andre says warrior princess like it’s a bad thing, but I disagree.

Angelea’s picture is awful. Andre loves it, but I hate it. Super weird and awkward, ugly. Her face isn’t good. I’m not a fan. Laura’s picture is the best of the bunch. It’s amazing. She looks gorgeous. Her leg is wonderful, but Andre hates it. Man, Andre and I are at odds this week.


I think Angelea’s time has come. I think Laura gets best picture and Angelea and Dominique are the Bottom 2, with Angelea going home. That’s my prediction.

And then I turn out to be almost right. Laura gets best picture, followed by Allison and Lisa. But then Dominique goes home instead of Angelea. Booooo.

Next week: Tyra directs them … as dinosaurs? And there’s a baby doll?

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