americas next top model jaclyn cw 'America's Next Top Model': Bee you

The “acting” episode is our least favorite episode of the Cycle on “America’s Next Top Model.” 
All that inner work to make you a better model just feels a bit like pushing it to us. Sure, it’s good TV to watch the girls break down, but we’d rather see the girls get a smizing lesson from Tyra Banks or walk a bit for Miss J. Or better yet, get their makeovers! That’s next episode, so we’re going to try and focus back on this one.
While Tyra encourages the models to express their personality, sometimes that can be problematic — especially if you’re a b***h. This week, Monique showed her true colors and emerged a b***hy butterfly. She created all that drama with Alexandria over her frozen chicken and then she became the voice of criticism throughout the rest of the episode. Do we enjoy that for the sake of good TV? Yes. Do we like Monique? No.
After learning how to identify “cheaties” – unhealthy food posing as good for you – and how to tackle their inner demons through self-portraiture, the show really starts. 

americas next top model nicole cw 'America's Next Top Model': Bee you

Tyra showed great levels of crazy last week when she pranked the girls, then threw them inside a bubble. This week, she decided to sick some bees on them. We repeat, she unleashed bees on the girls. We have to admit that the effect was pretty beautiful, but we wondered why the bees couldn’t just get Photoshopped in later. Wait, that wouldn’t freak the bejesus out of the women. We see you, Ty Ty.
Our three favorite photos of the bunch were Alexandria, Hannah, and Mikaela. Our least favorite? Dalya, Jaclyn and Nicole. Did anyone realize that the show edited out Jaclyn’s line from the promo when she asked if the bees were trained? Why would they do that?

We still haven’t tackled the fact that Ondrei quit. That’s because we’re struggling with how we feel about that. To reiterate, she confessed that both her brothers passed away recently – one in an accident, the other murdered. On the one hand, we loathe anyone who joins a TV reality competition then quits, because someone else could have had the chance. On the other hand, her situation is pretty extreme and from her acting out lesson, it’s all still very fresh for her. So while we preferred that she found the strength to stick around, we wish her the best.
Tyra can make a crazy obsession out of anything and decided that if Ondrei didn’t have the weakest photo, someone else would still have to go. How many times did she remind us of that during the judging? Like a kazillion times. In the end, Ondrei’s wasn’t the worst. So after naming Hannah the photo challenge winner, she counted down the girls until she got to the bottom two: Nicole and Dalya. Nicole was photographing old while Dalya was just all-around sucking during the shoot. So, who goes? If the camera doesn’t love you, then you can’t be a model. Bee gone with you, Nicole.
Our current top three girls are Dominique, Mikaela and Hannah.
Who are your favorites right now? Did the judges do right by you?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog