brittany brower antm cycle 17 'America's Next Top Model' Brittany: 'Tyra, watch your back'Brittany Brower was the first all-star sent home from “America’s Next Top Model” – but she says she’s eventually going to have her own show and Tyra better watch her back.

Are you glad you came back, even though you went home first?

“Absolutely. Everything in life happens for a reason, I’m a huge believer in that. I always think there’s a purpose to everything and in this case, there definitely is. I might not completely know what it is yet, but just coming back has pushed me back and reminded me why  I wanted to be in this industry to begin with. I’m a competitive person by nature, so if anything it’s just pushing me harder.”

What made you want to compete again?

“I have a medical spa that I opened in Los Angeles with one of my best friends and I opened up my modeling agency, it’s Brittany Brower Models where I help train young girls and guys and help them sign with agencies. So we’re doing that all the time and I kind of wanted to do some modeling again. Be back in front of the camera. It’s in my blood, it’s in my nature. To me it just sounded like a fun opportunity.”

Were any of the all-stars a surprise to you? Was anyone missing?

I didn’t watch a lot of season, I’ll be honest. It’s a great show, but I’m like the craziest person and it’s stressful to watch it again. A lot of people I didn’t know in the house, I had never seen them before and I was shocked – ‘Are you serious?! This girl, she even made it on ‘Top Model’ and now she’s an all-star?!’

I did have a few people like that. But I love Ann from Cycle 3, I would’ve liked to see her again. She’s super sweet, fun girl. Maybe Keenyah from my season. I was really excited to see Lisa, I actually knew her from doing ‘The Tyra Banks Show’ together. As soon as I saw her face I was like O.M.G., it’s on. We are ridiculous, we just feed off each other. When I saw her it was such a relief. I thought this season’s gonna be crazy!!! … and then I went home. [laughs].”

Was there anybody, beside yourself, obviously, who you hoped made it to the end?

I thought I was going to be all the way with Lisa. We’ll do anything, say anything. I’d love to challenge her to a dare-off because I honestly don’t know which of us would bow out first. We will do anything and that is a fact. I really thought it was going to be her and I fighting to the death. But obviously since I’m gone, I’m rooting for my ‘Top Model’ sister all the way. I really hope she’s bringing home that title because she definitely deserves it.”

Any messages to your fans?

“I think that my fans are all in agreement with me that the ‘no one remembers me’ is bulls***. I call big bulls*** on that. And yeah. I’m not going anywhere. I said it before and I’ll say it again – I will have my own show, put it down in ink, put it on paper. I’m more determined than ever. Tyra, watch your back. That is the last time I will be judged by Tyra. This is the last time I will be judged by Tyra Banks.”

“America’s Next Top Model” airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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