americas-next-top-model-the-cw-ANN.jpgViewers are finding some schizophrenia in this season’s high fashion “America’s Next Top Model.” For example, Wednesday’s Oct. 13 episode starts at Walmart and ends in Beverly Hills. Maybe, we can chalk it up to the competition still finding its “high fashion” footing and stumbling in the process.

There should be some things, though, that longtime fans can still trust while watching the series — “Top Model” criteria that will always be true, such as a “top model” needs to be the full package. After all, she must be photogenic, but she also should be able to move product or get booked for jobs with her personality. That brings us to now five-time winner, Ann.
Before we go any further, let’s make something very clear: We adore Ann. Nothing would make us happier than if a shy, awkward, formerly bullied girl like her took the prize. 
On the other hand, we have to be realistic. Even after four wins and her confidence bolstered, Ann couldn’t muster any charisma in the Cover Girl challenge. And Nigel Barker has said numerous times that the winner should be photogenic, but her presence should also make him want to book her for a job.
To her credit, she knows she has homework when it comes to her public persona. Can she acquire the skills before the Cover Girl TV commercial and go-see challenges?
Do you believe Ann can ultimately take the prize?

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Photo credit: The CW

Posted by:Jethro Nededog