lisa damato injures face in freak accident gi 'America's Next Top Model' champ Lisa D'Amato injures face 'monkeying around'Lisa D’Amato’s face is very important in her line of work. As the winner of 2011’s “America’s Next Top Model All-Stars,” she’s an in-demand model and actress. Unfortunately, she’s having to pause that career while her face heals from an injury sustained on a movie set.

Talking to People Magazine, D’Amato recalls the night she wrapped her part on an independent movie in Colorado. “We were just kind of monkeying around,” she says of the incident where she was doing a handstand against a crew member, before they both fell.

D’Amato landed face-first, breaking her nose. The injury was worsened when the crew member fell on top of her, causing more damage. “It was a totally freak accident,” she says.

She had to have emergency plastic surgery on her nose to repair damage, and is now on the mend. While she was a fan of her nose before, she isn’t too upset with the surgery, saying, “I get a super cute nose.” With some downtime while she heals, D’Amato decided to post a couple gruesome photos to her Instagram account to document the process.

lisa damato injures face in freak accident instagram 'America's Next Top Model' champ Lisa D'Amato injures face 'monkeying around'D’Amato has a busy schedule ahead of her, injury or not. She’s taking the time to go on a belated honeymoon, following her September marriage to longtime boyfriend Adam Friedman, and once healed she’ll be going to work on a television pilot.

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