coco rocha antm cw 'America's Next Top Model': Coco for cuckoopuffsCoco Rocha is on hand for a “b**** fight” photoshoot. That should be such a stretch for some of the “America’s Next Top Model” girls.

After Panel

Bianca continues to be confrontational and think everybody hates her because she’s a threat. Must be Wednesday.

The Challenge

Flag football. Awesome. Brittny Gastineau and Julie Henderson are there. Brittny is a socialite and Julie is a “fiercely real” supermodel. The teams are filled out by the eliminated girls, then some NFL players – Julian Edelman from the Patriots, Jahvid Best from the Lions, Kareem Jackson from the Texas and Dante Hughes from the Chargers. Angelea is beside herself. You and me both, girl.

The stupid Tyra twist is when a flag is thrown, you have to immediately strike a pose for the photographer. You win a spread on Tyra’s website and some jewelry. The winning team splits $5000 between the two charities represented by the two NFL players each team has.

It’s pretty awesome, lots of good hits and tackles (flag, my hiney). Lots of pixelated booties, too. Heh. The flags start being thrown and they have to pose with the NFL players. Huh. Kayla and Laura totally rock it and Kayla ends up winning. She does a shoot for Tyra’s site and looks like a million bucks.


The girls have to pose together in a fight tableau with Coco Rocha. The pairs are Bianca/Shannon, Allison/Kayla, Laura/Angelea, Bre/Alexandria and Dominque/Lisa.

Allison and Kayla, who I think will be awesome, are terrible together. Angelea and Laura are also not so hot and Angelea has a small breakdown, but pulls it together. Bre and Alexandria, on the other hand, do an amazing job. Coco doesn’t like the yelling, but I liked it. Lisa/Dom also do a really fantastic job. I can’t wait to see the photos.

Judges’ Panel

Kayla/Allison’s picture actually ends up being pretty great, though, but it sounds like they didn’t have much to choose from. Shannon/Bianca are a little mismatched – Bianca looks better than Shannon. Shannon is a little weak.

Laura/Angelea have a fun picture. Tyra says Laura doesn’t look model-esque, but she’s flying through the air, so she had it a bit harder than everyone else. Alexandria/Bre have an interesting picture. Alexandria is kind of awesome for me, while Bre looks out of control. I agree with Andre Leon Talley, not Tyra and Nigel. Lisa/Dominique have the best picture, in my opinion. Both beautiful and fiesty.


I predict Dominique gets best picture and that Shannon or Bre goes home. Probably Bre. The order goes Dominique, Lisa, Bianca, Angelea, Allison, Kayla, Shannon and Laura, leaving Bre and Alexandria in the Bottom 2. I should’ve known Alex would be bottom – Tyra didn’t like it, even if Andre did.

Bre ends up going home, which isn’t a huge shock. I haven’t been overly impressed with her so far.

Next week: Fragrances!

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