americas next top model college edition premiere 'America's Next Top Model' College Edition premiere: What did you think of the new season?“America’s Next Top Model” introduced some huge changes for the 19th cycle, the College Edition. What did you think?

The Selection Show

Tyra welcomes 30 semifinalists to a sorority-style house, looking like she just crawled up the beach after being marooned on an island. Seriously, what is going on with her hair? And she brings out the new judges. We miss Nigel, Jay and Miss J already.

After the girls do a walk-off and a photoshoot, they have their interviews with the judges and the reading of the fans’ messages is old after one person. That is just not interesting. The girls range from a home-schooled weird girl named Victoria who sounds like Sarah Palin and plays the race card in a very awkward way, to a “Kitty” who likes to meow and looks like Audra McDonald to Kristin, a girl who likes to brawl, is wearing clown-level rouge and thinks she can skate by on being pretty.

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but we can’t wait to see Kelly Cutrone take Kristin down.

The 13 girls chosen for the 19th cycle are: Kristin, Nastasia, Laura, Allyssa, Destiny, Kiara, Leila, Darian, Maria, Jessie, Brittany, Yvonne and Victoria. Thank goodness “Kitty” didn’t get chosen, because we don’t think we could that incessant meowing all season.

In the sorority house, there’s a sporty room, a nerd room and a pink room, which (naturally) Kristin is very excited about.

What did you think of the ANTM premiere?

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