courtney americasnexttopmodel13 290 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 13: Courtney prefers Dale to ChipIt’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Courtney is going to get on her nerves. Largely, because she thinks this whole modeling thing is “so easy.”

And, yes, we realize that when the contestants were first announced we picked her as an early favorite, but that was before we heard her talk.

We should also start a pool about how long it takes someone to bring up the fact at judging that she can’t stand still, but has a propensity to rock back-and-forth on her feet.

However, the fact that she played both Chip & Dale at DisneyWorld is kind of fun. She prefers being Dale because that was her chance to “misbehave.”

[Complete side note: While in the group promo shot the girls’ outfits work, seeing them stand there and talk in them makes them look like they’re wearing an old-fashioned bathing suit after a “Pretty in Pink” recon.]

“America’s Next Top Model” premieres Wednesday, Sept. 9 on The CW.

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