jennifer americasnextopmodel13 290 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 13: Jennifer overshares about her bathroom habitsFrankly, we’re surprised that the short girls edition of “America’s Next Top Model” only managed to cast one Asian contestant, Jennifer. It’s always been one of the more under-represented ethnic types on the show.

We’re also a bit concerned about Jennifer’s chances from the start since she describes herself as both a model and an actress and the judges are never too keen on the girls who come across too much like the former.

Another one who was caught up in the first New York audition that ended in a riot, Jennifer returned for a second chance. She was the 224th girl they saw, but No. 4 on the callback list.

As for a strange and surprising fact about her, Jennifer says that she “poops a lot.” That’s not particularly strange since she doesn’t define “a lot” so it’s unclear as to who she’s comparing herself to. It surprising that she chose to share this bit of information.

“America’s Next Top Model” premieres Wednesday, Sept. 9 on The CW.

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