americas next top model cycle 20 winner 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 20 winner: Jourdan Miller, Marvin Cortes or Cory Hindorff, who won?It’s time to crown the winner of the first “America’s Next Top Model” cycle to include male models — it’ll be interesting to see if a guy actually deserves the crown or if it’s clear Jourdan was the best model and yet a man still wins because it’s the first time with guys. Or maybe Jourdan will win outright — let’s find out!

Top 3 Elimination

One person is eliminated right at the top and it’s not Jourdan, of course, so it comes down to Marvin vs. Cory. Unfortunately, by a score of 26.6 to 27.5, Cory is cut right before the big runway show. We have to say — we were totally Team Cory, so that’s a major bummer. We can’t believe Kelly gave Cory a 5 for that Guess picture.

Before the runway starts, we have to watch the commercial the Top 3 filmed. In what is supporting our Team Cory feelings, Cory is substantially better than Marvin — Marvin is totally wooden. Also, why is the tagline “Who will she choose?” Isn’t it implied that Cory beats her? Why would she choose him? What kind of message is that? Even when she picks him later, why is it even being presented as a “choice’?

Runway Show

The runway show is gorgeous. Cory rocks it. Most of the other guys are way too stiff, Marvin included. It’s like none of them know how to walk like normal people.

Jourdan looks ridiculously good. However you feel about her as a person — because she hasn’t been the nicest on this show — she is a terrific model, both in pictures and on the runway. Though her stumble might be just what the judges need to give the title to Marvin, though her gold Cleopatra-esque outfit is amazing.

Sorry Marvin, Jourdan is killing this even with a stumble. Though the moment where Jourdan kicks Cory down and kisses Marvin is maybe the dumbest thing this show has ever done.

The Final Photos

Tyra is the final photographer, painting the Top 2 with some interesting body paint and putting them into a bamboo-type grove. And that’s pretty much it, fairly uneventful.

Final Panel

The judges make us relive the runway and some of the Top 2’s best moments of the season. Honestly, it just reminds us how much Jourdan nailed it almost every week. She was nearly always at the top, while Marvin was pretty mediocre most weeks — he relies a lot on his cheekbones to do the heavy lifting.

Now, Marvin’s final picture is pretty strong, but so is Jourdan’s. Neither one is KA-POW, but neither one is bad either. They’re both just good.

So, who is the next Top Model?

Tyra reveals … that Jourdan has won! By a considerable margin. Wow, we are both not surprised because she was clearly the best model this season, but also surprised because we thought for sure Tyra would make it so a guy wins.

Jourdan has some growing up to do, personality-wise, but girlfriend takes amazing pictures. Good luck to her as a model.

What do you think? Did the right person win?

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