antm top 3 2012 'America's Next Top Model': Does Annaliese Dayes or Laura LaFrate join Sophie Sumner in the finals?“America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion” is down to Annaliese, Laura and Sophie – who are you rooting for to make the finals?

Go-See Extravaganza

The girls are being sent on Go-Sees all around Hong Kong at four of the top designers in the city. For every Go-See they book, they bank $1000 (in Hong Kong dollars). So, if they book all four, they get $512. Heh.

Sophie does well at all her Go-Sees, which is no surprise, as she’s been strong in that way all season  – and also no surprise, she books all four. Annaliese does well too, she books three. Laura makes a good impression at the Go-Sees, but they don’t love her walk – she books two of the four.

Dream Come True Photoshoot

The girls are shooting for the Dream Come True fragrance. They are dressed like pink princesses and put inside a giant perfume bottle. Sophie really rocks her photos, while Annaliese gets into the bottle and like … dies. She has no enthusiasm, no happiness, no dreamy quality. She’s just completely blech.

Laura is in between the other two – she’s got some great ethereal moments, but she also gets a little too raunchy at other moments. Still, we predict that Annaliese’s time has come. We’ll see.

Judges Panel

Laura manages to get a very beautiful, ethereal picture, which the judges mostly like. Kelly Cutrone doesn’t, but honestly, there is like no pleasing that witch. Annaliese is laughing in her picture and it’s kind of silly. It’s not high fashion at all. Sophie’s picture is like Laura’s – ethereal, gorgeous.

We actually like Laura’s picture the best out of the three, but Sophie gets Best Picture – the Go-Sees go into that decision too. And then Annaliese is sent home, leaving a face off of Laura and Sophie, which is actually correct. They’ve been really strong all season.

Who do you think is going to win next week, “ANTM” fans? The fact that it’s a fashion show gives a pretty big edge to Sophie, we think.

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