Amy_topmodel10_240 Amy Jenkins, Amis to America’s Next Top Model fans, got the boot for her rather unfocused, frivolous and rather un-fierce approach to modeling. She was just happy to be there before she skipped on home.

How did you get chosen for ANTM?
Amis: It’s actually a long story. I had been living in Chicago last year to go to school and I had to move back home because I was poor and my boyfriend broke up with me. So I went back home. I didn’t have a job or go to school. The were having America’s Next Top Model auditions in Topeka, Kansas, so me and my mom got in the van and drove to Topeka. First there was the standard audition. I had to do a video interview. And then we saw the local judges and had to do a walk. Then I got the quesiton, ‘What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?" I thought,  "I got this in the bag." They narrowed it down to 10 girls, then to two, and I was picked to go to the Chicago audition. There was another interview, and I met with the casting directors and made a very good impression. And then I went to LA for the semifinals … etc. It’s a been a really crazy journey since August.

How did you feel doing the meatpacking shoot?
Amis: It was pretty strange. It was pretty cold in the meat locker too. I think the photos turned out pretty awesome — creepy and disgusting, and still alluring. I was kind of lost; it was gross. I was thinking if people were going to be eating this afterwards.

Do you look at meat now fashionably?
Amis: I don’t know if I’d ever look at it like it were fashionable. I like eating it. I’m not a vegetarian, but I don’t want to wear it.

What makes you Top Model material?
Amis:  I have the basics: I’m tall and slender, and that’s what got me interested in modeling. I like fashion and photography. In myself I think I have a different look. And modeling would give me an outlet to do creative things. I saw an opportunity, but I did not go in with a clear vision of "oh my gosh I’m going to win." That’s not my thought process. Everything is a journey.

Have you maintained your makeover?
Amis: I actually have not. I still have blonde hair, and it looks kind of trashy ’cause my roots are showing. It’s dilapitated. But with the makeover I felt like a little Barbie princess.

Meat What was your favorite part of the house?
Amis: My favorite part of the model house was those bored moments when everybody was cabin-fevered out and we had to come up with ridiculous things to do. We played charades a lot. Crazy antics, wrestling, playing limbo with brooms.

Will you keep the name Amis?
Amis: I’m probably going to go back to Amy for convenience’s sake. Nobody else calls me Amis. I can respond to it. But if I wer going to write  a book, iI’d use Amy.

Do you wish you wore something else to panel?
Amis: Looking back, no way. I have no regrets about anything. I’m proud of myself. I said that [about being nervous] because what do you say when someone’s criticizing you? That’s my style. It’s a headband. When I think about the whole thing .. they had us prancing around in these firemen costumes. It’s hard to take seriously sometimes. Maybe I didn’t have that right balance of when it’s ok and when it’s not.

Do you think your personality took you far?
Amis: I feel like my personality helped me tremendously. I feel accomplished. I think this is a big feat. It’s such a stressful situation. I probably did rely upon it a little too much. I feel like my personality helped me to get in the house.

Do you think Tyra’s remarks were fair?
Amis: In watching the show, the last episode, I was so proud of myself. I thought the judges’ remearks were pretty dead on. I wanted to be on the show for adventure. That didn’t mean I didn’t take it seriously. I wanted to win. The differences were seen as a flaw, my priorities. I didn’t think it was necessary to sacrifice having a good time in order to compete.

Can you talk about the drama in the house?
Amis: Living with 14 girls you don’t expect it to be a smooth ride. It’s inevitable that people are going to bicker or fight. I thought life would be easier if I didn’t cause drama, if I could try and relax in the house. I didn’t think that would be a problem. Apparently it was.

Lingerie Is there someone you didn’t get along with?
Amis: The footage shows me butting heads with Fatima the most. It’s mostly because we misunderstood each other most of the time. I got along with most of the girls. I’m not really hateful or bitter towards anyone. I made more friends than enemies.

How did being in The Bottom 2 change from the first time?
Amis: The first time I was in the Bottom 2 it really affected me. I was tearing up and crying. It was one of the most intense and hardest moments of my life. It’s a goofy show, but those are real emotions. I tried to take it and use it as determination and fierceness to improve myself. As time goes on, you change. I was starting to get over it. I was this underdog. I was terrible at everything. It affects you. It’s interesting, the psychology. The second time, I felt it was okay. It was my time to go. Definitely a different set of emotions and mindset.

Any favorites you’d like to see win?
Amis: I would love to see Lauren win because she’s a good representation of an American fiurl. She did a 180, from no makeup to glamazon. And I’d like Kat[arzyna] to win it. She has a beautiful face and a kind and generous spirit.

So was it really that great to meet former winner Jaslene?
Amis: It’s actually funny. I kept up with the show after the auditions. Meeting Jaslene was really a cool and inspiring thing to have happen because she went through eveyrthing we did. On the photo shoot I spent time with Jaslene. She gave some really good advice: to clear my head and focus on what do I really want and what are my priorities in life.

What about when you were sleeping and the girls wanted you to get ready for panel?
Amis: I always had problems waking up. And I could get ready super-quick. You do have waiting time before you see the judges. But I guess actions do speak louder than words, and watching it, it did seem like laziness.

Would you leave home to pursue modeling?
Amis: I do. I would love to go to New York or LA because they’re big markets for fashion. Now I’m going to move back to Chicago and live with my boyfriend. I don’t have anything concrete. Someday I’d love to move to New York.

Homeless Have you had any agencies call you?
Amis: I haven’t yet. Until you’re eliminated and certain episodes air, you can’t sign any contracts. And you have to take advantage of opportunities and call. People don’t always come to you.

Do you have the same opinion about Amis? Was it time for her to go?

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