It’s high time for the wrap up of the high fashion Cycle 15 of “America’s Next Top Model.” After last episode’s surprise double elimination, we’re left with gentle giant Ann and Idaho-grown Chelsey.
Both are pretty quirky in the looks department. Ann caused an early controversy when the network released a preview video of Miss J. Alexander wrapping his hands around her tiny waist. Tyra Banks apologized, though we’re unsure why, because we soon learned that Ann was neither anorexic nor very controversial at all.
Chelsey, on the other hand, may have the more classic looks of a model. She has shown a fierce competitive spirit fueled by her lackluster modeling career up until the competition. She sees this has her last chance to hit it big and she’ll do anything for the grand prize. She didn’t even think twice when Tyra ordered her to have the gap between her front teeth widened by a dentist. Now that’s dedication.
So, how do the girls stack up against each other?

americas next top model finale chelsey ann 'America's Next Top Model' finale: Ann or Chelsey? Vote!

Photo challenges: Ann is definitely the big photo challenge winner. The camera loves her and she broke “Top Model” history when she won five back-to-back photo challenges in the beginning of the competition. Chelsey, while taking good pictures throughout the competition, didn’t really start getting noticed until very recently.
Personality challenges: When there’s no speaking, such as in the last episode’s motion editorial challenge, and no difficult movement involved (cough, skates), the motion camera still loves Ann. Chelsey definitely beats Ann in the personality and speaking department, though. She won over Vogue Italia’s editor when they met her in the last episode and she was the only one to book a job in the go-see challenge.

Runway challenges: Chelsey has a fierce walk. Period. And Ann, well, she’s not so graceful in general, let alone in high heels on a narrow catwalk.
Peer review: The judges definitely have a soft spot for Ann and they can see her going on to have a high fashion career, but they haven’t paid much attention to Chelsey until recently. And of the eliminated Cycle 15 contestants we’ve spoken to, Ann got four votes for the win while Chelsey only got two.

Posted by:Jethro Nededog