antm ugly pretty alexandra 'America's Next Top Model' gets uglyIt’s back-to-back Top Model episodes, including the finale! We begin with Andre Leon Talley visiting the girls at home to deliver bouquets and wisdom about being in the world of international fashion.

Turns out he wears a cape/muumuu at all times, not just at panel. The girls get to ask him questions, and we learn that Andy Warhol gave him his first job and that he at one time lived at the YMCA! Angelea can relate to the hardscrabble part of his past.

The girls are told that they’re going to head to Queenstown, home of beautiful and diverse terrain, for their photo shoot. On the plane, the Jays pop out to tell them that this is in fact a runway challenge, 35,000 feet in the air. I have my doubts about whether they were actually flying or not, but we’ll put those aside for the moment. The lesson is: top models always need to be prepared.

Angelea is not so prepared, as she only has one high heeled shoe. How did that even happen? The girls have to walk down the center aisle of the plane with personality. Alex has some cute flight-attendant moves, but hams it up just a bit too much. Angelea does a version of her crazy-ass club walk, and Raina’s “flirty and fun” reads “linebacker.” It’s Krista who once again dominates the challenge with her bouncy, smiley, jacket-working walk. She wins the opportunity to walk in New Zealand fashion week and a whole bunch of jewelry. .

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