antm paulina porizkova 'America's Next Top Model' is a fairy tale, meows ex judge Paulina Porizkova

Former “America’s Next Top Model” judge Paulina Porizkiva hasn’t had very nice things to say about Tyra Banks and the show since she was fired from the show. And it seems the show’s “high fashion” makeover hasn’t changed her mind either.
“[“ANTM” is like] living in a Cinderella world,” Porizkova tells The New York Post. “And Tyra’s the fairy godmother who can make all your dreams come true. But the one guarantee that you will never make it as a model is to go on that show.”
Ouch. It seems Porizkova still holds quite the grudge. And while we’re sure Banks would disagree with her on many things, there might be one subject they’d see eye-to-eye on: supermodel Naomi Campbell. (Please, do you really believe Tyra and Naomi made up?)
“I have nothing kind to say about Naomi,” says Porizkova. “When she was starting out, she was the most obsequious ass-kisser there was. And two years later, she was like, ‘I don’t know your name.'”

Why is that so easy to believe?

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Posted by:Jethro Nededog