antm krista winner 'America's Next Top Model' is... KristaAfter the first hour of the finale, with its double elimination, the second half has finalists Krista and Raina taking a helicopter ride over New Zealand and landing at the Hurakia Lodge on Rakino Island.

It’s absolutely gorgeous, and champagne and Miss J. await them at their new home, which will also be the site for their Cover Girl commercial and print ad shoot. The girls work on memorizing their scripts, and will be selling the entire Blast collection. Cycle 13 winner Nicole is there to loiter and support them.

Raina does a great job on her print ad, but is a bit corny in her commercial line delivery. Though her memorization is good, she has a hard time modeling while delivering her lines and lacks her usual spark. Krista, meanwhile, forgets her lines and has to ask for cue cards. Though this is usually the kiss of death, Krista manages to laugh it off and keep herself and her makeup in tact. Ultimately, she delivers a fine performance. While her photo shoot goes pretty well, the photographer notes that she can be a bit hard and needs to work on finding a good middle ground between severe and smiley.

After a Seventeen cover shoot (photographed by Nigel) and a visit by Raina’s dad and Krista’s mom and stepdad, it’s time for the Anna Sui runway show! It’s held at the Auckland Museum, with a “Rock N’ Roll Circus” theme. Circus performers and Nicole open the show, and recent bootees Alasia, Jessica, Alexandra and Angelea walk as well.

Though Krista’s not a naturally playful kind of girl, she looks adorable on the runway. Raina looks like a really smiley linebacker, but manages to pull it off. On the second round, the models walk two at a time and Krista and Raina stomp competently side by side. Tyra talks to each girl backstage, and they both talk about how they were previously insecure but are now very confident and comfortable with themselves. Krista is an inspiration for dark, skinny girls everywhere, while Raina represents for the girls with the giant eyebrows (myself included).

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