jael strauss before after meth americas next top model 'America's Next Top Model': Jael Strauss's face destroyed by meth addictionDrugs are bad, kids. “America’s Next Top Model” fans will remember Jael Strauss from Cycle 8. She was the model who irritated 50 Cent so much at a party, he pushed her into the pool.

During the season, she was devastated by a phone call that one of her best friends had died back home, from a drug overdose. That probably should’ve been a red flag, considering that today, Jael suffers from an addiction to meth that has eaten her once-photogenic face.

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Jael’s family appealed to Dr. Phil for an intervention, saying that she’s suffered from a meth addiction for 6 years — which would imply that 5 years ago, when she was on “America’s Next Top Model,” she was abusing drugs.

Her skin has essentially disintegrated as a result of all the drug use, and mentally, she’s not doing too well either. During the show, she bolted from the studio, running through the Paramount lot as she tried to hide behind a dumpster from Dr. Phil.

We’ll certainly be tuning in on Thursday, Sept. 13 to see whether he successfully talks her into getting some help!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie