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We’re sure that there’s plenty to learn about modeling from “America’s Next Top Model,” but there’s also plenty of lessons we would say you shouldn’t adopt. 
In Wednesday’s Sept. 29 episode, host Tyra Banks took the models up high and then underwater while attempting to teach them a lesson about a model’s work ethic (which is much like what bad parents tell children – sit down and shut up).
Liz, who has been testing Mr. Jay Manuel’s last nerve with her constant complaining, was in the bottom two this week. Mostly she was there, because she once again complained during the shoot that glittery eye makeup was running into her eyes, making it hard to keep them open. By the way, imagine tiny little ninja stars — that’s glitter! “ANTM’s” message? No one cares, Liz. Fight through the pain.
Well, I’m not sure I agree with that. I wear contacts and once got a small spec of dust on them. I ended up with a scratched cornea and I had to wear a patch for a couple weeks. Let me tell you, my eye really hurt during that period and looking like a pirate for a couple weeks didn’t feel good either. I’m going to venture out on a limb and say supermodel Naomi Campbell (or forgive me, Tyra, herself) isn’t about to lay in a box and risk injuring her eyes. She would flip off celebrity photographer Matthew Rolston (“If you don’t know who he is, you stupid.” – Chris) and have him begging outside her dressing to come back out.

So, future top model contestants, don’t listen to Tyra. Go ahead and complain about your contacts hurting, because guess what? You may be in the bottom two, but you’ll still have two working eyeballs. Oh, and you’re not going home anyway. The girl who can’t model does. Lesson: Fail. See yah, Rhianna.
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