louise antm 'America's Next Top Model': Louise Watts doesn't need this, but we're with her on Kelly CutroneOn the latest “America’s Next Top Model,” Tyra busts out Super Smize again, while the girls are given an awesome ad campaign challenge.

Tyra drops by the house to make the girls walk out by the pool, then have an impromptu jam session, or something. And she’s wearing reflective crossing guard tape and her Super Smize and it’s really, really dumb.

Tyra then assigns the girls superhero names: Illuminata, Gam-a-Tronica, Chameeleone, Era-descent, Charismia, Excite-to-Buy, Andro-Genia, Zagalicious, Fiercely Real, Next-Doorsia, Exotica and 30-Never. Some are obviously better than others.


They have to create an ad campaign for Very.com, an online British retailer. The theme is love and luxury and it’s U.S. vs. U.K. They are actually doing it all (make-up/hair, wardrobe, props, casting a male model). It’s a pretty cool challenge, actually.

The UK girls go ’60s mod, while the US team does Punk Love with Azmarie as the leader. Both concepts are cool. Azmarie is a great leader and the US girls really respond to her, while the UK girls seem to struggle with having a leader.

Hilariously, during the US photoshoot, Annaliese says Candace has that “Naomi Campbell I’m-about-to-throw-a-phone-at-you face,” which is kind of true. But the US shoot goes really well.

The UK shoot, on the other hand, goes very poorly. They are a hot mess and Annaliese is the worst leader.

The Photos

Annaliese’s leaping photo does not do it for us – she looks very vacant to us and Tyra is right about her looking catalog-y. Sophie took a great shot, she looks very Twiggy. Catherine doesn’t actually do it for us either. Ashley, meanwhile, we like her picture and the judges don’t. We’re very at odds this episode. Alisha’s picture is pretty bad, the judges do agree on that.

Louise gets told she looks mean and she reacts poorly, so then Kelly Cutrone tells her to put some gratitude in her attitude. And Louise tells Cutrone that she was the one who was rude. Which – I kind of agree. I hate Kelly Cutrone. She’s a b-word with a capital B. Of course, Louise then loses her effing mind and storms off, crying and screaming in the street. And the judges were going to compliment her photo! Crazypants.

And then she just up and leaves the competition. Huh.

The US photos are a mixed bag. Azmarie rocks hers, Kyle looks great and Laura is bizarrely awesome. But Seymone is just OK, Eboni is too sexpot and Candace is super boring.

Elimination Station

Will anyone go home, since Louise left? If I was picking somebody, it’d be Alisha or Candace. They both really biffed it this week. The photos go: Azmarie, Sophie, Laura, Kyle, Catherine, Seymone, Annaliese and Louise (though she’s gone).

The client chooses Ashley, Eboni, Candace and Alisha as the ones they don’t want, but in the end they all get to stay is because of Louise’s meltdown.

Next week: More meltdowns? Must be Wednesday!

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