alasia antm 'America's Next Top Model': Not a lot of 'there' there, AlasiaThis week on “America’s Next Top Model,” drama between the girls takes center stage as we learn that the contestants are split into two factions. On the one side are the “real” girls: Alasia, Angelea, Anslee, and Krista. And haven’t all those bitches have huge, finger-waving, frozen veggie-baiting fights with each other in multiple combinations since the season began?

On the other side are the “fake” girls: Jessica, Brenda, and Raina. You may recall that there’s another contestant, Alexandra, who apparently is too boring for either group to claim. They scream at each other in the limo, in the kitchen, in their bedrooms, into the camera during confessionals. Basically it’s kind of like watching an episode of The Real Housewives of New York.

The contestants head to their teach, and are late because Alasia’s alarm didn’t go off and she couldn’t bear to leave the house without a shower. That is the story of me, every day, so I can’t fault her for it. Miss J. and Ann Shoket take the girls to the Seventeen closet and give them a little lesson about dressing for their body types. Alasia fails to realize that having any boobs at all makes you “curvy” in the fashion industry. The girls all get to keep the clothes they chose to illustrate what they learned.

Later, they have a challenge where they must get dressed up (for their body type!) and go to a fancy party for socialite slash entrepreneur slash CW reality star Tinsley Mortimer, who has a handbag collection. The girls are instructed to chat it up with the party guests and with Tinsley, to show off their personalities. This is a tall order for some. Alasia in particular looks gorgeous but shows a surprising lack of self-confidence, and gets very awkward. Tinsley tells her to stop being weird and touching her hair so much. In the end, fake girl Jessica manages to win yet another challenge and chooses fellow fake girls Brenda and Raina to partake in a photo shoot for Seventeen.

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