tyra banks antm 15 320 'America's Next Top Model' recap: And Then There Were TwoFinal three! The girls take a brief moment to celebrate Alexandria’s ouster, then get to work in a challenge connected to The Insider or Access Hollywood or one of those shows. Each girl has an hour to research and report on a Moroccan fashion trend in a 90-second live shot. Brittani does a relatively disastrous job in presenting on henna, and is not helped by the fact that her interviewee totally does not speak English. Hannah has taken a journalism class, but though she’s adorable she doesn’t exactly burn up the world with her spot on argan oil. Despite the major faux pas of saying in her last second that her take was horrible, Molly does a fine job in telling us about kohl and is surprisingly natural on camera. She wins the challenge and her video will be featured on the website of whatever show they were reporting for.

Tyra pays the girls a little visit at home so that she can prove she cares about them in four minutes or less. We finally get to hear some of the sob stories that we’ve been deprived of all season. We already know about Molly’s adoption and abandonment issues, of course, but we learn that she also suffered from depression and anxiety and even went to rehab! She loves her adoptive parents and feels bad for putting them through all her junk, and also has clearly been to plenty of therapy as she is able to easily identify her pattern of sabotaging relationships because of her abandonment fears. Brittani has also had a hard time of it. Her mom has a panic disorder that prevents her from working, and also was agoraphobic for a time. People were not nice to Brittani about this, which is the way of people. Hannah was…insecure? I don’t know. She really doesn’t have any sob story that rated, though she’s adept at out-crying the other girls for the most part. After the heart-to-hearts, Tyra shoots the girls and then they dance in hats.

The photo shoot for the week has the girls dressing in traditional Moroccan wedding garb and posing with a male model as Nigel photographs. Tyra liked the film so much that she chose two photos for each girl at panel. Hannah’s pictures were good, but despite her contention that her very strong emotionality is a strength, the judges wondered if she was tough enough to withstand the modeling industry. Brittani was very weird about the male model, and started crying after getting some negative feedback from Nigel. This led to a good shot, but he was a bit put off by Brittani’s history of crying on set, especially when he’s photographing. Molly just plain rocked it, as usual. She was the first to make it to the final two, leaving Brittani and Hannah in the bottom. In the end, Hannah versus Molly just wouldn’t be a fair fight, and so it’s Brittani who will face off in the finale, featuring a Vivienne Westwood runway show!

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