tyra banks antm 15 320 'America's Next Top Model' recap: Dreck to ToeWe’re two-thirds of the way through the “America’s Next Top Model” season, and thus the impending Ann meltdown comes partially to fruition. The girls start off with a surprise visit from Miss J. and designer Zac Posen, and learn that they will be walking in a show for Zac’s new line, Z Space. But the girls aren’t the only ones who will be in the show. Several professional models are on board as well, and are told by Miss J. to be mean and catty and try to throw our still-fragile contestants off their game. They are real naturals at this. Several of the girls dismiss the professional models as whack bitches, but a few don’t fare so well. Esther tries really hard to show her personality, but instead winds up looking like she has a prosthetic leg. Ann takes the model bullying the hardest, and completely freaks herself out. She is a total disaster on the runway. Chelsey works it the best of all, and gets five looks from Zac’s new line for her troubles.

Instead of a photo shoot, the girls must shoot a commercial for H2T water, which is not in fact a real drink. Nigel directs. As if the challenge of memorizing a few simple lines weren’t enough, the girls must be in bathing suits, on roller skates, and kissing a boy. Kayla really freaks out at the prospect of kissing a boy, and finally tells Jay Manuel that she was sexually assaulted when she was eleven. This is the first time Kayla has told this to anybody, including her family and her girlfriend. Jay actually seems to offer her some words of comfort, and basically ends by telling her to go to therapy. Determined not to lose the competition because of her psychological distress, Kayla works her way through the commercial and does a fine, if not exceptional, job. She also realizes that talking about things is helpful, which bodes well for her future prospects.

Liz biffs the commercial royally and then laughs about it at every turn, which really pisses off Nigel. Esther continues on her path of having zero personality and impresses no one with her performance. And then there’s Ann. She’s completely freaked out about the possibility of falling on her roller skates and having people laugh at her. Thus, she looks absolutely frightened the whole time and continuously falls. It’s really a terrible performance, replete with lots of tears and a continual patina of misery. I hope Jay suggested therapy to her, too, because this girl needs it. Chris takes the top prize for the week with her bubbly if cheesy performance, while Esther and Ann land in the bottom two. And you know they’re not going to eliminate Ann. Esther is toast. Kosher toast.

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