tyra banks antm 15 320 'America's Next Top Model' recap: Hello PrettyThe final six get a hot minute to celebrate Kyle’s departure before they are thrown into the world of fashion prizes and runway shows! At the Beverly Hills Hotel, the models meet up with Kelly Cutrone and learn that they will be walking in a show for the Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize. Though all of the girls will walk for the four competing designers, selected individuals will be chosen to open the shows. All of this is a big deal because there are some estimable judges for the Prize, including Georgina Chapman and Karen Craig of Marchesa and Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein. The model who opens the show for the winning designer will be the challenge winner.

The models walk in a casting for the four designers in contention, and Catherine manages to stumble. That’s bad, even though she swears she won’t do it on an ACTUAL runway. Eboni gives a particularly bad performance, which Cutrone likens to a robot on Oxycontin. In general, Cutrone is frustrated because there’s not a “slayer” in the bunch. I have to agree with her there — at least Catherine’s stumble showed some personality! When Cutrone gives her critique to the girls, Seymone gets in one of her moods and pouts endlessly. Everyone is basically sick of her being such a baby, and would like her to stick a loaf of haggis in it.

The girls learn who has been booked to open the various shows. Alisha is chosen to open for Anndra Neen, Annalise will open for Julian Louie, and Sophie gets two openings — for Siki Im and Giulietta. The others walk, I presume, somewhere far back in the show where they can’t ruin anything. The famous judges show up backstage for a brief Q&A, and Georgina Chapman looks flawless per usual. Though the walks in the show seem for the most part to be pretty dull, there are no major gaffes. I guess the Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize did not go for the idea of a giant swinging pendulum. Anndra Neen wins the Dorchester Prize, and Alisha by association wins the challenge.

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