tyra banks antm 15 320 'America's Next Top Model' recap: It Gets WorseOkay, first off, everyone hates Kyle. Huge twist, I know. Seymone is a possible exception, but that’s all hearsay from Kyle so we can’t really be sure. The two teams are challenged, under direction from Nigel, to create a two-minute PSA for Tyra’s B.I.O. campaign. B.I.O. stands for “Beauty Inside and Out,” and focuses on anti-bullying. You surely didn’t think she wasn’t going to get in on THAT. Each team is charged to work with four young girls, which is the extended money shot of this episode. The young girls are adorable and amazing, and the challenge brings out tales of earlier bullying and insecurities from the models, and it’s actually all quite touching. When the absolutely gorgeous young girl working with Alicia confessed that she didn’t like the color of her skin or texture of her hair, I totally started crying, which was a complement to Alicia’s own bawling. The sky is green, the grass is blue, Top Model made me cry in Season 18. I’m sort of gobsmacked by it all. The Brits continue their streak by winning the challenge, getting their PSA shown on The CW website, and a bonus prize of video messages from home. The videos are very lovely and supportive, with the exception of Sophie’s douchey boyfriend, who gives her, like, weather updates from the alley next to the pub. She is TOTALLY breaking up with him when she gets back. Which she should, because he also looks to be 14.

The photo shoot for the week is conceptually quite weird. The set is a really fabulous Bel Air mansion, and the guest star is British pop star Estelle (who is great), and the girls are to pose as booty-tooching art installations at a fabulous dinner party. Except what art installation crawls all over your table? Several of the girls struggle, as befits the rather unclear assignment. The extreme tooching proves to be a challenge as well, and the models are left with shaking legs and aching backs. Kyle gets a literal boost in the form of butt pads to supplement her flat ass. A lot of the girls are pissed about this advantage, which they see as unfair. Because Kyle didn’t have to deal with the pain of the extreme tooch, she could focus on her face. Lucky for them, however, she doesn’t, and lands in the bottom two along with my beloved Alisha. It’s not all bad news for the Brits, though, as Sophie gets best photo for the week and Alisha is spared. Kyle is sent back to Texas where she can pursue eye reduction surgery, and perhaps a personality enhancement, and continue to smile for miles.

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