tyra banks antm 15 320 'America's Next Top Model' recap: Messes in a BottleAlthough they are a little traumatized by last week’s dramatic elimination, the final three soldier on and face yet another set of go-sees, this time in Hong Kong. Oh, and see, Alisha would have nailed these. It is truly the saddest. Cutrone gets to administer the go-see challenge, and looks none too thrilled about any of it. Each model has four go-sees to attend, and will get $1,000 Hong Kong dollars for each one that they book. The exchange rate for that is, like, a buck fifty. Go buy yourself a nice pretzel with your winnings!

There is no clock-ticking-down weirdness and threat of disqualification, and the models have a huge advantage in the form of three male models/go-see escorts who take them from place to place. The whole time, Laura is very mental about her walk. This is because her walk is very bad. The go-sees break down as such: designer William Tang actually says that someone should show Laura how to walk, and really loves Annaliese. Crazy costumer Gregory Derham loves all the models, even though he also acknowledges that Laura has a bad walk. He makes Annaliese wear a skirt of sequined bananas, and she gets points for not punching him. Henry Lau is no fan of Annaliese but does like Sophie and Laura. And Marisa Zeman, who has a clothing line called Nude Is Rude, is another Annaliese enthusiast. In the final tally, Annaliese and Sophie each were the favorite of two designers. Laura booked two go-sees, Annaliese booked three, and Sophie booked all four. Cutrone doles out the Hong Kong dollars, and tells Sophie that, as the challenge winner, she’ll be the face of Nude Is Rude for a whole year. She also gets clothes from all the go-see designers. I’m sure that Marie Antoinette dress from Gregory Derham will come in handy at some point.

After a night out on the town, the models head to their photo shoot, which involves wearing pink frilly dresses and posing inside a giant perfume bottle. Yes, this is an image for Dream Come True, the America’s Next Top Model fragrance. As you may have heard, it smells like cupcakes. Photographer Jez Smith is on hand, as is Ben Bennett, the founder of Hatch Beauty and creator of Dream Come True. In addition to having a complex about her walk, Laura has a complex about being girly. This is really not her day. Sophie does a relatively good job on set, and really by default gets best photo of the week and is thus is named a finalist. Both Annaliese and Laura failed to capture the youthful energy (and play to the youthful demographic) of Dream Come True, and land in the final two. Even though Kelly finally admits to liking Annaliese a little, she is sent home, thus ensuring an American versus British showdown in the finale. Annaliese is a good sport about the whole thing, even though it is the opposite of fan-dabbey-dozy.

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