tyra banks antm 15 320 'America's Next Top Model' recap: Rodeo GirlsOn “America’s Next Top Model”: The girls head to Walmart (or… a tent set up outside of Walmart) for a Cover Girl personality challenge, in which they have to present the benefits of a smoky eye kit (!!!!) and some sort of lip goo to shoppers. They are set up in teams of three. Kendal, Ann and Jane are the first team, and Ann is of course super-awkward and uncomfortable. Team two features Esther, Kayla and Kacey, who display loads of personality. Team three is Chris, Chelsey and Liz, and Chris talks over everyone else in a manner that she thinks is charming but everyone else thinks is overbearing. Fashion journalist Derek Blasberg is on hand to evaluate the girls, and they also get ranked by the crowd. Ann gets the lowest score of all, while Kacey gets the highest. Team two wins and gets a shopping spree in the Cover Girl aisle of Walmart. Seriously. Ann notes that she has to figure out how to deal with how awkward and weird she is. Her words!

For the week’s photo shoot, the girls head to Rodeo Drive. Kendal uses this opportunity to bumpkin it up by saying “rodeo” like a cowboy rodeo. It’s a very good day for the girls, who get to work with super stylist Lori Goldstein and be photographed by Patrick Demarchelier. With the exception of Chris, the girls are paired up for the shoot and walk arm in arm in arm with one of their male-model friends. After the group shot, each girl has to do a shot where she is running or jumping in a fashionable way. Tyra is on set to play kissy-kissy with Patrick and give the girls some pointers.

Kacey and Jane are paired, and while Jane really pulls it out for once, Kacey never quite gets her groove on. Patrick even has to tell her to wake up. Ann is stressed out by the chaos and gawkers on Rodeo, and is very stiff and nervous on set. Chelsey is also nervous about being shot by Patrick Demarchelier, and appears to underperform. Kayla and Esther are paired, and while Esther works it, Kayla is troubled by too-small shoes. Her pain shows all over her face. Kendal and Liz are paired, and while Kendal loves the attention she’s getting and really pulls it out, Liz fades into the background by comparison. Chris gets great feedback on set as she laughs and giggles with her male model.

At panel, Chelsey and Ann miraculously pull out a great shot, though Tyra says that theirs (and particularly Ann’s portion of it) was one of the most awkward shoots she’s ever witnessed. Ann once again gets best photo, to the chagrin of just about everyone. Even Tyra admits that things are getting boring. Jane is the deserving runner-up. Kayla and Kacey land in the bottom two, and despite her challenge win, it’s Kacey who gets sent home.

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