tyra banks antm 15 320 'America's Next Top Model' recap: Smooth as SilkwormsWe are down to the final six, and ever more tension begins to surface between country-mates. First we learn that Laura can’t stand Eboni, in part because she’s so vain. She probably thinks this recaplet is about her! And continuing a trend that we’ve seen in the last few episodes, Alisha and Sophie do not seem all that fond of each other. Perhaps everyone will get along better when they get to their international destination of Macau! Yes, that’s right. Nigel delivers Chinese food with giant fortune cookies, and the girls learn that they’re going to Macau, y’all, and subsequently hop on a plane. As they settle into their fly new penthouse at the MGM Macau, Alisha gets pissed that Sophie took her dresses out of her suitcase and put them on the floor. That is really a weird thing to do, though I think Alisha is really lashing out because Sophie has been doing so well in the competition.

Soon after their arrival, the ladies head to meet Clement Chan, Chinese astrologer extraordinaire. He walks them through the five elements – fire, wood, water, earth and metal — and gives each model a reading to explain their prominent elements and what’s missing. Alisha learns that she is close to her mom, can be stubborn or arrogant, and is going to have to make a sacrifice in the area of family or work. Laura is emotional, but tries to be strong on the outside. Her element is metal, and she needs water. People are jealous of Sophie, because she’s going to be famous. Still, she needs fire. Catherine is dull and obviously going to be eliminated. There’s no sense wasting much time on her reading. Annaliese is a great entertainer, and Eboni can look forward to things getting better with her family. There’s a challenge tacked on to this experience, in which the girls have to make themselves a whole new aura out of makeup, accessories, and fabric. And they must do it all in ten minutes! Laura wins and earns herself a spa treatment back at the MGM. She picks Eboni to accompany her, which makes for a very awkward afternoon. Maybe she was just trying to be zagalicious in her choices? [It seemed like maybe she was coerced, as Eboni was her “teammate.” – Angel]

For the week’s photo shoot, the girls wear silk couture dresses from Designer Barney Cheng that are accessorized by real live silkworms! They are squirmy and crawly, and of course Laura loves them. She even wants to make out with a silkworm, because that’s how she rolls. While Laura excels mainly because of her crackling sexual tension with the worm and gets best picture in the process, most of the other girls are mediocre at best. Eboni is neckless in a lovely pink dress and Sophie is just meh, but it’s Catherine and Alisha who land in the bottom two. In the end it’s Queen Catherine who gets the boot for her inability to evoke non-death-based sadness. It’s not all bad news for her, though, since she’ll at least finally have a chance to do something with that hair.

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