brittani antm finale 'America's Next Top Model' recap: The Winner Takes It All!It’s the finale! Muster up some excitement even though you’ve seen this exact thing roughly twelve times already. Molly and Brittani start off the episode with a little tete-a-tete with IMG Senior Vice President Ivan Bart, who asks them some questions and takes a look at their portfolios. He seems particularly taken with Brittani who, he notes, has a great attitude. And Molly wasn’t even particularly stank with him! You can just tell, I guess.

The girls then head to their Cover Girl commercial shoot, in which they’ll have to negotiate three cameras filming at once from different angles. The middle one has a teleprompter, so at least there’s no freaking out about forgetting lines. Molly does a fine run-through in the makeup chair with Jay Manuel, but then turns into a total weirdo in front of the camera. She’s very stiff, which seems to be the result of her trying to be cheerful and perky. Her synapses must just be firing with the effort. She is not pleased with her performance. Brittani looks amazing, but starts to freak out a little under the pressure. However, she doesn’t crack and delivers a fun, quirky, comfortable performance. The Cover Girl photo shoot is next. Molly is a star, and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari likes Brittani’s attitude and retro look. At this point, it seems to be a toss-up.

The two finalists meet with photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari and Valentina Serra, the stylist for Vogue Italia, to shoot their Beauty in Vogue cover and spread. They’re at a pimped-out mansion, posing in their underwear. Brittani was very professional and the Vogue Italia people seem to enjoy her. Molly, meanwhile, is on a tear of complaints after having no chicken with her salad. She’s in a foul mood per usual, and Valentina asks her not to look so sad. Paolo and Valentina agree that no matter how tired and pouty you are, you need to bring it. Molly starts to crack a little bit at the prospect of being the first loser.

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