tyra banks antm 15 320 'America's Next Top Model' recap: Tooched by an AngelWe start off tonight’s episode with a visit from Kristin Cavallari. This is apparently a thing people are excited about? I don’t know. Her advice basically amounts to, “Haters gonna hate.” Bre asks Kristin how you maintain longevity in your career without being a serial reality show contestant, which in this context seems quite ironic.

The girls head to The Grove, which is home to Extra. Nigel meets them and tells them that their challenge today will be to answer tough questions thrown at them by Peabody Award winner Mario Lopez. The ladies are split into two teams. Team one is Lisa, Laura, Alexandria, Isis, Dominique and Angelea. Team two is Bianca, Allison, Bre, Camille, Shannon, and Kayla. Whichever team better weathers the interview will be safe from elimination, and the individual winner will get the chance to be an Extra correspondent. Team one is dominated by Lisa, who is a total dumb-ass and gives her teammates high fives at the most inopportune times, then proceeds to talk all over them. Team two is a little dull, though Allison stands out for speaking like a smart, thoughtful person. She’s the individual winner for the challenge, and team two takes the collective victory and gains immunity. In his feedback, Nigel tells Angelea that she was TOO professional and didn’t let her personality shine. She makes up for it in the limo, when she busts out the classic quote: “I know how to conduct myself, bitch, I worked at a bank.” I know! All that AND she can open your checking account.

The girls head to their photo shoot and learn that they will be on really cool stilts, posing in pairs — one person from the winning team, and one from the losing. Bianca is afraid of heights, and so is having anxiety attacks all over the place. This week it’s her turn to cry in the bathroom! She works it out, though, and her photo with Lisa is a collective standout. In fact, all of the photos are pretty great. Alexandria and Shannon pose together, and Alexandria’s flair for drama finally works to her advantage. Allison is praised for her booty tooch — which Tyra has to define for us AGAIN — and while Angelea’s performance is okay, she’s most notable for asking Nigel about his crunk advice not to be so professional. Dominique and Kayla get mixed reviews on their photo, as do Isis and Camille. And though Bre’s face isn’t flawless, her photo with Laura is exceptionally cool. Allison has the best photo amongst the safe girls, while Alexandria gets top praise for the ladies in danger of elimination. Isis and Angelea land in the bottom two, even though both of their photos actually were pretty good. And in a sad and shocking development, Isis gets axed.

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